Thursday, July 23, 2009

Plein Air Workshops

Here are two photos of my most recent Plein Air Workshop at Barrel Oak Vineyard and Winery.
We had a fantastic view to paint, which included a bit of John Marshall's home among the distant trees. John Marshall was our first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. His birthplace is just up the road also.
You can almost smell the paint and see the smiles on the faces of the students. The day started off warm and breezy, but by 11:30 we were all ready for a free wine tasting and some lunch, provided by myself as part of the package. I did a demonstration in oils at 9:30 and then did a pastel demo after lunch. By 2:00 everyone was suffering from too much information for the brain to store and we called it a day.
My next workshop at Barrel Oak is on September 23rd and then another on October 8th. Preregistration is required since a gourmet lunch and winetasting is included. Please call 540-364-4043 to register or send me an e-mail,

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More Wildlife

Take two steps outside of my studio door and you are under a small redbud tree. I am 5'7" and have to bend a bit to walk under the low branches. While I was closed on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this Robin built her nest in the tree directly above my walk. I can actually put my hand into her nest and my OPEN flag flutters right in front of her face. What was she thinking?
I am hoping the eggs won't hatch during the next three day period I am normally closed.
Is Mother Nature or God trying to tell me I am supposed to paint animals instead of humans? Why else would they be throwing all this wildlife at me these days. Oh and we have a Doe with three spotted fawns living in our front wooded area.
You can look forward to more pictures of the babies and a possible new series of paintings.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Plein Air Workshops at Barrel Oak Vineyard

I will be teaching Plein Air Workshops at Barrel Oak Vineyard on July 16th, September 23rd, and October 8th. The classes run from 9 am til 2 pm. A gourmet lunch and free wine tasting is included, all for $55.00 per class. Preregistration is required. Contact me at 540-675-3039 or 540-364-4043 to register. All levels of skill and all mediums are welcome.

This is a $150.00 value for only $55.00, and you get to see the most beautiful scenery in all of Virginia.

Mrs. Cox's Tavern

This small 5" x 7" study is of Mrs. Cox's Tavern, which is at the corner of Middle and Main Streets in Little Washington. It is now the Inn at Little Washington Gift Shops.

This study is oil on a piece of gessoed bristol board. I have started doing these studies in order to determine if I am excited enough about the subject to do a larger version and to work out the composition and color. I don't think this is the painting I was looking for......some sunnier colors would suit the subject better, so I will wait for a sunnier day and try it again.

By the way, my small studies are for sale in a mat for $150.oo. Contact me at 540675-3039 or at

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

More Thoughts on What I Love to Paint

This blog thing is hard!!! Life happens and then you realize it has been a week since your last posting.

We now know I am not and never will be an equestrian artist. And although I have painted foxes, thats not my true calling.

I am often in Washington DC at the National Gallery of Art and I am always exhilarated by the city hustle and bustle, the sounds and smells and in general, the exact opposite of where I choose to live. But, for me to paint cityscapes would be a real mistake. I am and always will be a country girl. Dirt under my nails, quiet country noises of the birds and crickets, and rural vistas are what define me. I am so motivated by a dilapidated barn or a vineyard vista. The Blue Ridge Mountains are visible from my front porch and I can pick my own vegetables each year from my back yard garden. Oh, did I mention that I canned 40 quarts of tomatoes the year before?

No, I am not a painter of Urban sprawl or city scenes. Neither am I a plein air painter, although I do it from time to time. But, I am indeed a landscape artist in much the same manner as Parrish, Church and Cole were landscape artists. I love the landscape and am often outdoors. I have hiked a few trails, done my share of camping and white water rafting. Indeed, I do love the landscape and landscape painting, but only from the warmth of the studio, field notes and glass of Merlot in hand. You don't have to pick flies out of your paint that way.