Sunday, December 30, 2012

Congrats to Steven Kenny

Congratulations to Steven Kenny!!!! 

I am sitting here, enjoying my favorite Christmas gift, a copy of the art book, Spectrum 19, The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art, while sipping my morning coffee.   Much to my surprise (actually, I always knew he would end up here!) on page 275, is my friend and former Middle Street Gallery mate, Steven Kenny.  Actually it's his painting, "The Imposter".  Good Job, Steven!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Stonewall Jackson Shrine

On our way to Williamsburg this year, we drove past the sign for the Stonewall Jackson Shrine for the 10th time.  This time, I took the turn that leads 3 miles back to what we thought would be a marble monument.  Much to our surprise, it was the actual building where he died after being hit by "friendly fire".  The building which contains many period furnishings,  was open to the public and a park ranger was on hand to tell us all about the building, the grounds and the history of this little shrine.  The ranger was an extraordinarily good historian and this was one of the highlights of our Christmas.  I am so sorry I waited so long to take that little side trip.  My new years resolution this year is going to be "I am going to be open to new experiences all the coming year", or "stop procrastinating!"

Friday, December 28, 2012

Williamsburg Christmas


We spent Christmas in Williamsburg this year.  Here are two shots on Christmas Eve in the old town square at the Courthouse and Powder Magazine.  There were braziers burning throughout old town to light your way.  This is the crowd, all given little candles and singing carols just before the lighting of the tree.  Of course, the other photo is the magnificent tree on the lawn adjacent to the magazine.  Just before dark, the canons were fired repeatedly along with the firing of the muskets in front of the magazine. 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Dianna The Huntress

I am getting ready to start a new painting, Dianna The Huntress.  I have a lovely local girl (Courtney) for my model, along with her two Dobermans.   I love to include animals in my Gods and Goddesses paintings.  We have had our photo session and I am reviewing the photos for the pose that strikes my fancy most.  At this time, I am sooooooo torn.  A standing pose in a classic Greek stance, or a crouching pose with more action.  I am going to spend this morning doing some thumbnails in an effort to come up with a perfect composition. 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Flora Finished

Flora is now finished.  No pictures of this one, you have to come to the solo show in April to see it.  After the solo showin Alexandria is over, I plan to have a few of the paintings made up into postcards and notecards.  Flora is definitely one I will make into a notecard. 
You are all invited to my solo show, "Everyday Gods & Goddesses" at The Art League Gallery in the Torpedo Factory Art Center, Alexandria Virginia in April. 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Merry Christmas Before I Forget!

The holiday season gets so crazy, all the presents to buy and wrap, cards to send, cookies to bake, decorations to hang and the list goes on.  If I don't get another posting up for a few days, I know you will understand.  And, Before I forget, I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.   

Friday, December 21, 2012

Transparent Underpainting Ruined!

I tried to continue yesterday, the two panels that I created a transparent underpainting on and I hate them now.  As soon as I put opaque colors into the scene, I lost the jewel like colors that I was so happy with before.  OK, so I am being very hard on myself right now.  The pictures look pretty good, but I really did like the clear, bright colors better.   Naturally, no photos.  Guess who forgot her camera and laptop yesterday? 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Transparent Underpainting

OK, Here it is!  The photo of the transparent underpainting.  Just fooling around with transparent paints and two panels.  Pretty, isn't it?   I used Alizarin Crimson, Indian Yellow, Sap Green, and French Ultramarine Blue.   Except for the sky and a few spots of reflected sky in the stream, all other areas are transparent paint.  The sky is French Ultramarine Blue and Titanium White.  Any time you add white to a transparent paint, it is no longer transparent. 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Pastel Portrait Workshop

Here are two shots from todays workshop in Warrenton.  We worked from a photo and realized that a four hour class was not enough time.  We did cover in depth how to build realistic color in flesh and features using pastels and how to get a likeness by accurate measurements.  I demonstrated eyes, nose, ears and mouth, and each student did the same while I gave them one on one instruction as they worked.  My next workshop will build upon what was learned today and in the next workshop each student will do a full portrait from a photo they bring in.  OH, and we will have healthy mid day snacks!

Newtown Connecticut

I am so horrified by the killings yesterday in Newtown Connecticut.  I raised my son in a time when the word pedophile was just coming into our American language and mass murders were unheard of.  I never feared sending him off to school, it was a safe place.  As a single working parent, school represented the other parent my son needed.  Now all that is gone.  As a grandmother of a beautiful little girl, how can  I ever again believe she will be safe?  How can any parent ever leave their child at school all day and not go insane with worry? 
My heart goes out to the families in Newtown Connecticut. 

Friday, December 14, 2012

Holiday Show At Art Square and Portrait Workshop

Tonight is the opening reception for the Holiday Show at Art Square in Leesburg.  I will be in my studio today and this evening for the reception.  Reception hours are 5:30 til 8:00, but the studios are open along with the front gallery all day long.  Art Square is located at 12 Cardinal Park Dr. just off of Route 7.  Just look for the Toyota Dealer near the Rt. 7 bypass on the outskirts of town. 
Tomorrow I will be teaching a portrait workshop at The Studio Frame Shop in Warrenton.  Pictures will follow (if I don't forget the camera).

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Color Notes - French Ultramarine Blue

I catagorize French Ultramarine Blue as an Almost Transparent color.  It can make wonderful glazes when oily enough or can cover in an opaque manner straight from the tube if not so oily.  I relied heavily on this color in my early years of portrait painting for cooling colors in the shadows of the face and I would place a pure dot of it into the iris of the eye instead of using black, which would go flat and lifeless in the eye.  I have now added Phthalo Green (WHO COMES UP WITH THESE NAMES?) to my color box and use it almost exclusively for portrait work in place of French Ultramarine Blue.  (But not in the eye!)  Thank you to Portrait Artist Edward Reed (Ted) for showing me this wonderful green.
Back to Blue now.....French Ultramarine Blue is a must have for landscape painting.  An infinite number of greens can be made with it and no northern plains sky would be complete without it.  Remember I said that mixing Cadmium Red with Blue would not produce a good purple....well it will make a great muddy purple or lavendar if mixed with French Ultramarine Blue and this color mix would look just fine in a landscape painting, especially a nocturnal scene.   NOW, LETS GO PAINT!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Color Notes - Indian Yellow

Again, a transparent color.  I had never used Indian Yellow until I took a portrait class at the Art League school a few years back.  To mix flesh tones, I had always used Cadmium Yellow and white with a touch of red.  The results were just ok.  I then learned to take a touch of Indian Yellow and mix it with white, place this on the canvas and then to come back and use a bit of Permanent Rose mixed into white, and lay that color on the canvas next to the yellow mix.  Blend gently and WOW, the flesh dances and is not muddied. 
FACT OR MYTH.  I don't recall where I heard this or who told me, but I am sure you have heard this same thing.  Indian Yellow is made from the urine of cows in India....thus the name Indian Yellow.  Then a year or so ago, I read that this could not be proven by a colorist researching colors for a book.  Can anyone out there definitely prove or disprove this bit of Myth?  Send me info if you have it.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Color Notes - Transparent Underpainting Today

I am at the Leesburg studio today.  Spent yesterday getting some pet portraits ready for clients who intend them as gifts for Christmas.  After a full day of concentrating on getting a likeness and doing fine details, I felt I needed a day just to play with color.  So today I have set up two gessoed panels side by side and started a dyptic of an autumn scene.  The photo reference is one I took down at Natural Bridge.  Since I have been extolling the virtues of transparent colors, I did an underpainting on each panel using the transparent colors, Alizarin Crimson, Sap Green, and Indian Yellow.  Unfortunately, I could not accomplish a reasonable sky without using some white and French Ultramarine Blue.  I will photograph this underpainting when I return to this studio, since (as usual) I forgot the *^%+#@  camera. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Alizarin Crimson

Another of my favorite transparent colors, is Alizarin Crimson.  When learning about colors, color temperature is an important property to understand about each color.  Cool or Hot?  Alizarin is a cool red.  It is what we refer to as a bluish red.  Actually, I think of it as a purple.  Unlike Cadmium Red, which is a hot red, you can mix Alizarin with blues for some mighty beautiful purple results.  Add a touch of white and you make pinks.  Alizarin makes some very good glazes and can tone (grey) down greens.  Yellow Ochre with some Alizarin and a touch of white will give you some good warm flesh color.   Play around with this color, you will grow to love it as much as I do.......OH and it is also a fugitive color.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Color Notes - Sap Green

Most academic color discussions will start with the primary colors, red, blue, and yellow.   Aha!  I am no scholar and what I know about color, came from sitting down and getting dirty.  I want to talk about Sap Green today, because it is the one color that I would choose to have with me if I were stranded on a desert island. 
No colors give me more trouble than the greens.  I simply don't have an eye for green.  I have no trouble when using reds or yellows, but greens never look natural in my works, no matter how hard I try.  When I see plein air paintings by some of my contemporaries, I always marvel at how realistic or natural their greens are. ( MENTAL NOTE.....I will conquer green this year.)
OK, Sap Green.  This green is usually nice and juicy,straight from the tube  It is a transparent  color and makes wonderful glazes.  It is one of the few greens that I find looks natural straight from the tube.  Now, mix a little Indian Yellow to it and you have a super natural looking green.  I have started using this green in most of all my green mixes.  Now, take some Alizarin Crimson (another transparent color) and add that to Sap Green and you will have a wonderful rich brown to put into your landscapes. If you have a bright red and need to reduce it's intensity, just add a bit of Sap Green to grey it down.  The downside to Sap Green is that it is a fugitive color, or so I am told by the scholars.  I doubt I will live long enough to prove or disprove this, so I still want my Sap Green.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Brand Name Snobbery

The very first thing I tell students taking my beginners class is, "Buy one brand and stick to it until you know what you are doing."  I explain to them that each manufacturer has different formulas for their colors.  So a Cadmium Red for one brand will be very different from another brand.  In the early days, I once started a landscape sky with Grumbacher's cerulean blue, but ran short of it and had to run out and purchase more.  OOOPS, no Grumbacher available, so I purcased some Brand X cerulean blue and home I went.  Those two blues were nothing alike, even though they had the same name and there was no way they were gonna match up.  Guess who had to repaint that entire sky?
As for workability, one was nice and oily and the other so dry and stiff, I wanted to make pottery with it. 
Now I am no snob  when it comes to buying art supplies, but I do have definite likes and dislikes.  I won't give anyone an endorsement in this blog, since they aren't paying me for an endorsement, but if you would like to know my favorites list, send me an e-mail and I will be happy to give you my list of faves.......also, the brands I won't touch.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Color Notes

I think that you are ready for some posts that are more art related, rather than personal.  OK!  In my next few blog posts, I will give you some observations I have about oil colors and how I use them.  I am by no stretch of the imagination, an expert, but I do have some basic knowledge I would like to pass on for you beginners out there.
Lets start with my latest color discovery.....Sepia.  I heard about this color at the Illustration Master Class that I attended the last two years.  It was on our supply list, so I bought it.  Never used it at the class, but when I returned home, I played around with it.  WOW!, a great color for painting the ocean.  I recently did a stormy sea with a huge wave rising.  I used Titanium White, Sepia and Cerulean Blue.  Blending and mixing various amounts gave me a wide range of color for the ocean and wave.  I even took a bit of Cadmium Scarlet and made a pale pink to add to the tops of the foam on the waves.(This pink trick I learned by studying the painting of Niagara Falls, by Frederick Church at the Corcoran in DC).    Sepia is a bit transparent, which I love.  I really lean towards the transparent colors and glazing.  Sepia also works wonderfully to tone down my brighter colors and works well in my dark backgrounds, with Sap Green and Alizarin Crimson.  I am going to try doing an entire under painting (grisielle) for my next painting and then glaze color over it.  I will report back in a future blog post.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Another Workshop

I will teach a portrait workshop on December 15th  at the Studio Frame Shop in Warrenton Virginia.  The workshop will focus on attaining a realistic likeness using charcoals and pastels.  Contact for further information and to register.  Class size is limited to 5 students in order to afford each student indepth one on one instruction.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Little Vineyard Study Sold

The little vineyard study, featured in a recent blog post, has sold at The Art League Gallery in Alexandria. 

I spent today doing a different type of front porch.  Now my back and knees are sore and tired.  But, it sure looks nice. 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Honorable Mention Award at Strathmore Mansion

I received an Honorable Mention Award yesterday at the Miniature Painters, Sculptors, & Gravers Society of Washington DC.  The awards ceremony was held at the Strathmore Mansion in Bethesda MD.  Along with a sumptuous buffet luncheon in the ballroom, the show was officially opened to collectors only and the artists.  In this photo, people have just started to arrive and you can see the huge pipe organ above the dinning area and great fireplace.  This room reminds me of the Biltmore Mansion in Asheville NC, but is about one third the size of the hall at Biltmore.   All in all, it was elegant and the food fantastic.  OH, and guess who forgot to have her picture taken when she received her award?  I really need a personal assistant. 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Invasives In My Yard

I am still under the weather a bit, so I am moving from one sunny window to the next, trying to enjoy the beautiful weather here.  One thing has become very obvious yard is overrun with invasive species.   Bittersweet, honeysuckle, and wysteria are climbing to the tops of all the trees here.  I can blame the highway department for a few of these monsters, such as the autumn olive in every hedgerow, but I am the idiot who thought wysteria would look good on an arbor beside my Bartlet Pear tree.  Now that all the leaves have fallen, I can see wysteria in the very top of the pear tree, choking it to death. 

I can also dismiss the bittersweet a bit, since the songbirds love the seeds and scatter them freely, but there is nothing that will touch an autumn olive berry, except maybe Satan.  I can only hope that one day science will discover those berries will cure some horrible disease.....well, I am gonna tell myself that for a bit longer.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thinking About Artmaking

I am on the sofa today, trying to recover from an illness that suddenly struck me two days ago.  I have had a constant high fever, aches and pains in every muscle and now a rash all over my body.  Even so, I have tried to read my new copy of International Artist.  But, the eyes are hurting, so now I am just thinking about artmaking.  Planning what I will do next with the Flora painting or planning my next workshop on the 24th, where I will be teaching how to get a likeness using charcoals or pastels.  It is bad enough to be sick, but what really hurts is not feeling good enough to get into my studio and work. on artmaking. 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Little Vineyard Study at The Art League

The little vineyard study I just completed and posted on the blog a few days back has been juried into this month's small works show at The Art League Gallery in Alexandria.  It will be on display throughout the month of November.  491 pieces were entered and 126 pieces were selected for the show. 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Studio Visitors in Leesburg

I just had a wonderful visit with my dear old friends Walt & JoAnn Johnson of Manassas VA.  JoAnn and I go way back to my old days in the Postal Service.  We had a lovely lunch together and caught up on family stories (Granny Stories) and reminisced about the old days.   Did I say old?  Funny thing is how they don't look any older and yet I look like Methusela or Lazarus. 

I gave them both a tour of Art Square and my new studio.   OH, I forgot the wonderful new camera, so no pictures today.  DUHHHHHHHH!!!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Tomorrow's Blog Post

I am at the Leesburg studio today and am going to give you my post for tomorrow, since I have highspeed here and dial up at home.  It takes me forever to upload a photo for the blog, so I am taking advantage of the high speed before I head home today.  This little study measures 4 x 6 and is one of four I worked on today.   I am also doing something new, two 12 x 12 paintings that are to be a dyptic or could be used seperately.  Doing something different with the technique also.  If it works out, I will post photos.  If not, oh well, you wouldn't want to see them anyway. 

Honorable Mention Award

I just received the good news that I am getting an Honorable Mention Award at the Miniature Painters, Sculptors and Gravers Society of Washington DC.  It is awarded to my tiny painting, Vanitas #3 for oil works on Ivorine.  I am so pleased to have won this award and to be keeping company with such great artists as Joan Willies and Libby Eckert.  Joan has written a book on mniature painting and has painted such notables as Rudolph Nureyev and Haley Mills. 

The show is held at the Strathmore Mansion and is one of the premiere shows for miniature artists. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Solo Show Review

Megan Fox, Assistant Gallery Director & Solo Artist Coordinator, paid me a visit at my Marshall studio today.  She was here to review my work for the upcoming "Everyday Gods & Goddesses" show at The Art League Gallery, inside the Torpedo Factory Arts Center in Alexandria Virginia.  The show is only 6 months away and there was much to discuss and plan.  We reviewed the artworks themselves to be sure I am on track.  We also discussed the framing and did some planning for the publicity and the show postcard. 

I still have two pieces I am working on and hope to complete one more in addition to those two.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Drawing Class at Art Square

I taught 11 wonderfully well behaved children yesterday at the Loudoun County Arts Center in Art Square, in Leesburg Virginia.  All ranged in ages from 7 to 11.  Our lesson was on drawing animals.  My method is to teach children to look for the basic shapes in the subject they are drawing and build upon those basic shapes.  We drew my old dog Molly.  I actually created this lesson five years ago when Molly was still alive.  I explain to the kids that Boxers are made up of two boxes, one large, one smaller.  Eyes viewed from the side are triangles and so are the ears.  Its amazing how quickly children will rush through their drawings and want to do another and another and another.  So I always carry spare lesson examples.  We also did a long haired kitty and a goofy crocodile.  Its a good thing I had the crocodile in my head, since I did not have another lesson planned after the kitty.  Wow, what energy those kids had!  

Friday, October 12, 2012

Oak Leaf and Sparrow

This is the halfway point of a painting I just delivered to my framer and good friend, Sherrie.  She has always admired my oak leaf paintings, so I did this for her.  I unfortunately did not photograph it finished.  My Bad! 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sawblade Commission

More interesting commissions......this is a sawblade.  The owner wanted the family farmhouse and barn on it.  She had winter snowscene photos and requested snowscenes.   My illustration style took over!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Helpful Poodle

This is my little friend Latte.  She is a toy poodle owned by my model for my "Flora" painting.  I can't imagine doing a painting of Jeanne without Latte by her side.  They are inseperable.  I see a few minor changes needed to Latte's anatomy.  Thanks again to the computer monitor for helping me see clearly. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Chickadee Study

Here is a small study of a Chickadee using the photo reference I recently took with the my new camera.  Cute, but not finished yet!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bird Studies

I have been fooling around with the camera more and more, getting used to the zoom lens.  I have always wanted to be able to take superior photo references and do some bird studies.  I love bird art and one of my favorite artists for wildlife art, is Carl Brenders.  His book was one of the first books I ever purchased. 
I am finishing up a small piece using this photo reference I took.  I will post the image tomorrow when it is finished. 

Friday, September 28, 2012

Faun Progress

Here are the revisions so far.  Hooves in the water a bit, and more juvenile appearance.  Working in Leesburg today on a small commission.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Workshop A Success!

This is why I teach!

I got this message on my answering machine, regarding yesterday's pet portrait workshop.  "Linda, Thank you for a wonderful workshop.  I took home my pet portrait and thought, Gosh, this doesn't look too bad.  You really have helped me alot.  I just hope that I can remember everything you taught us.  I will definitely be taking more of your classes.   Kathy Gregory

Indecent Proposal Finished

Here it is finished.  Not my ususal highly detailed portrait work.  But I like it as an illustration style for children. 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Teaching Workshop Today

I am headed out in a few moments, to teach a workshop on doing pet portraits in charcoal and pastels.  The class is at Studio Frame Shop in Warrenton Virginia and runs from 11 until 3:00.  So I just have a minute here.
I still think that Posiedon is the best of the bunch in my Gods and Goddesses series.  You will have to come to the show in April and check him out. 
I have returned to the Faun painting and made some major changes.  I decided to stick her hooves into the pond water after I had tried placing a rock under them.  The rocks just did not do it any good, so I took them out and opted for rippled water.  She is now more youthful looking.  I felt I had made her into an older teen and that is not what I was after.  Pictures are coming shortly. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Second Night Gallery Walk in Leesburg

Once again in the studio in Leesburg and once again it is the gallery walk night up here.  There is also an opening reception for this month's show in the front galleries.  The reception and gallery walk hours are 5:30 til 8:00 and we are located at 12 Cardinal Park Dr.  Come on by, I'll be here. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Progress on Historical Piece

I have worked a few more hours on the small painting of the Dandy and Damsel in Williamsburg.  It's looking pretty good and I am hoping to finish it up tomorrow.  The tenative name for this painting is "Indecent Proposal" and I will get a picture for the blog, asap.
Also, traveled to Manassas last week to get some reference photos for my Flora painting.  Good friend, Jeanne, agreed to pose for me and I needed some good shots of her dog, Latt'e, so that I can include her in the painting.  Also, got photos of her parrot, Aussie, for this painting. 
The weather has been incredible for the last three days and I have not been in the studio, shame on me!!!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What Makes Me An Artist?

OK, it's been awhile, hasn't it?   I was very busy lately and also celebrated 28 years with the same man.  Took the day off to go antique hunting (my cover story!) down in Orange VA, with my hubby.  Little did he know, they have several very nice art galleries.  This is where I get to wax poetic.  What makes me an Artist?  I suppose that since I paint, draw, sculpt or simply try to manipulate every thing my hands touch, until it is a new creation, I am an Artist.  Or maybe it is because, if I am not painting, I am teaching someone else to paint, or if I am not doing either of those activities, then I am most assuredly trying to sell a painting or  planning my next painting.  Oh and how about, if I am watching TV, I am still drawing in my sketchbook.  But what I think really makes me an Artist is, if I am having a conversation with someone, I am always secretly analyzing their face for just the right colors I would use to paint their portrait, or just how far apart the eyes are, how big the nose is or possibly what the temperature of the shadow under the eye is.  I almost always, miss most of what someone is saying to me.  That makes me an Artist.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Computer Monitor to the Rescue Again

Once again, seeing my artwork on the computer monitor has revealed a flaw.  When viewed byside the reference photo, I now see that the hat on the head of the dandy is too small for his head.  I am about to begin the painting process here at the studio in Leesburg and wanted to double check my drawing before proceeding.  I always like a fresh eye, before beginning. 
Yesterday, I spent the entire day putting in a background (UGH! *&!+^%*#@)  I did not get the background finished, it's a BIG painting. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A New Historical Piece

I have started another historical illustration.  Had the idea for it since last fall and started the drawing when I got sick this past weekend.  I find that drawing in the livingroom when I don't feel good enough to stand at the easel is very productive for me.  Having great reference materials was one of the most important things I learned at the last two Illustration Master Classes that I attended.  I think this is pretty good and am in love with the dandy.  I did not intend him to be so handsome, but what can I say, I am a female and a romantic. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lupus Holiday

I just spent the last two afternoons on the sofa with what I call a Lupus Holiday.  Actually, it is more like having the flu.   I got a mosquito bite on Saturday while at the Studio in Leesburg.  My immune system took that bite as a signal to go into overdrive and attack the invader.  By Sunday noon, I ached all over, broke out in a rash and just generally felt too tired to get off the sofa.  My neck hurt so bad at night, I could not get much sleep.  So, I watched movies, ate forbidden goodies, and propped my drawing board against a tv tray and began another historical illustration that I have had in my head since our trip to Fort Frederick and the rendevouz up there last fall.  Today, I am back to my usual manic self, got up at 5am, did a shift at work and now headed up to visit mom in the nursing home.  I will get back home in time to resume work on the faun painting and make a decent (HEALTHY) meal for tonight. 
I will post the progress on the historical piece shortly.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Poseidon Nears Completion

I am in Leesburg today and putting, what I think are the finishing touches on my portrait of Posiedon.  By the way, ever look at a word you spelled correctly and think it looks wrong?  Thats my explanation for the two spellings you see here of Poseidon..... Can you spell Alzheimers?   
So, I can honestly say this is the quickest portrait I have done so far.  It's like the little fruit basket painting I did a while just flowed from my brush and almost painted itself.  I think I may have hit my pinacle and the rest will be crap from here on out.  We will see.   Oh, and I am not  posting him on the blog.  You will just have to come to my show in April to see him and a few others that will not be shown til then.  The show is my second solo show at The Art League in the Torpedo Factory Arts Center in Old Towne Alexandria.   The show is scheduled for April 2013.  More info will follow.  If you aren't on my e-mail invite list, please sign up at

Friday, August 17, 2012

Have A Perfect Art Day

I have been known to sign a letter with "Have A Perfect Art Day" or say goodbye to close friends with that same phrase.  The story behind it goes.....years ago, I was very unhappy in my career as a postal manager.  My dear husband asked me one day, what would be a perfect day for me, if I no longer had to work for the US Postal Service.  My reply was, to get up early and watch the sun come up, visit the National Gallery of Art, eat lunch in the National Gallery Cafe, and to spend the remainder of the day painting all the while listening to inspiring and rousing music.  And then to spend the rest of the evening with my husband, quietly reading or watching the sun go down.  To this he replied, "You are describing a perfect art day".   Since that conversation, we go our seperate ways each day by saying to each other, Have A Perfect Art Day instead of goodbye.  I honestly and sincerely wish you all "A Perfect Art Day". 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Captain Mal's Pistol

If you are a serious fan of sci fi and fantasy, then you know Capt. Mal and the movie and TV series Serenity.  Captain Mal is played by Nathan Fillion, who is on my short list of  "Who I want to be stranded on a desert island with".  Nathan also is lead actor on the TV series, Castle.   You see here, my husband Brett, (he has a list also) and he is holding the actual pistol created for Capt. Mal and the shows.  Notice the white gloves...a prerequisite for getting to hold the gun which was on display by the NRA at a gun show my husband was working at.  Brett has been an NRA Handgun Safety Instructor in the past and he was helping CS Arms, a historical militaria dealer in Upperville Virginia at the show.  
Hey Nathan,  Brett passed up the opportunity to hold Luke Skywalker's  light sabre, just to hold your gun!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Second Friday Gallery Walk, Leesburg VA

Today I am working from my studio at Art Square in Leesburg VA.  It is located on Cardinal Park Dr. and will be open tonight from 5:30 until 8:00.  If you are in the area, stop in and watch as I work on Posiedon.  This is two views of my studio....pretty nifty, don't you think?

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Finished Demo Piece

I started this charcoal and pastel portrait of Monet and Rockwell on Saturday at the demonstration I did in Warrenton VA.  I pretty much had Monet (the all black long hair) finished when I ended the demo, brought them up to the studio on Monday and finished them up.  They are now framed and on display at the new studio.  I will teach a class on creating a pastel and charcoal pet portrait in September at the Studio Frame Shop in Warrenton VA.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Studio

I have rented a studio within Art Square in Leesburg Virginia.  There is a wonderful gallery up front and my studio, which is pretty roomy is at the very back of the building.  There is a fabulous roll up garage door style window along one side, the whole length of the room.  I forgot to check and see if it was Northern Light, but I felt pretty sure it was when we were up there yesterday to sign the lease.  If the weather cooperates tomorrow, I will start moving my belongings in and setting up my workspace.  I have a very nice studio at home, but find that I am easily distracted at home......there is always laundry, cooking or gardening to do.  But I will say this, I never turn on the TV.  Does that make me a good girl?   I got so much accomplished at my studio in Little Washington, working on paintings in two locations was a real motivator for me.  Photos coming soon!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Demo - Creating a Pet Portrait

On Saturday, July 28th, I will be doing a demonstration at the Studio Frame Shop in Warrenton Virginia. The shop is located on the second floor of The Paint Shop on Alexandria Pike.   I will answer questions and talk about creating a pet portrait in charcoals or pastels as I work on a portrait of my kittens, Monet and Norman Rockwell.  The demo begins at 11:00 am and runs until 3:00 pm.  I will break occasionally to stretch my back and legs.   Seating is limited, RSVP at

Faun Progress

I made great progress yesterday.  Really on a roll now!  Again, seeing the image on the monitor helps me judge.  Although this probably looks very dark on your end, in the studio here, the colors are rich and brighter than my photograph shows.  I think the hand on the rocks is a bit too large...will work on that today.  My husband thinks the reflection is too small, so I showed him my reference shots and in them the reflection is indeed small.  This is because her facial reflection does not sit on top of the water, but in an equal distance down in the water from the top surface of the water.  In other words, if her face is three feet above the water's surface, the reflected face is six feet from her real face. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Medusa Gets Color

When I first conceived the idea of painting a totally grey portrait of my friend Jennifer as Medusa, it was always my intent to submit the grey painting to Gamblin Artist Color's, Torrit Grey Competition and once that was over, I was going to try my hand at doing pure color glazes over the entire painting.  In the past, my glaze experience has been limited and never really done in it's purest form.  I scumble semi transparent colors over one another and occasionally take some linseed oil and thin colors to apply over a previous layer.  But, this time I decided to push myself, and boy has it payed off.  This is Medusa with transparent colors glazed on with the assistance of Liquin.  I used Sap Green on the snakes, Ultramarine Blue and some Cerulean Blue over the sky and for Medusa's skin, a bit of Indian Yellow and Permanent Rose together with the Liquin.  Pure Permanent Rose on her lips and some Ultramarine over the Irises of her eyes.  Nothing on her toga and in most of the cracking stone areas of her flesh, no glaze was applied. 

I think this has the feel of a 1940s tinted photo, much like my mom and dad's wedding day photo.  I think I like this technique and will try more of it in the future.  But for now, I must totally focus on my solo show in April 2013.  I still have a few more Gods and Goddesses to complete.   Flora and Posieden are up next.  The Faun is looking coming soon.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tarzan Finished

I finished Tarzan a while back and forgot to post him here on the blog.  He is on Facebook and a few other spots, but somehow, I forgot my own blog. 

Kitty Gets A Home

I have found a new home for the orange and white kitty who recently showed up at our back door.  We never named him, but still I am a bit attached.  I will get him neutered this week and a rabies shot and then deliver him to his new owner in a week.  I still have seven more needing a good home.  Actually, three are so old now, they will never get new homes, just hang out here with me til they go to the big Litter Box in the Sky. 

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Another Stray Finds Western View Studio

If you live in the country at a crossroads, you are most likely going to end up with unscrupulous petowners dropping off their unwanted pets at that crossroads.  And if your name is Lawler, they always find their way to your back porch.  This is our latest arrival.  He showed up at my back door about a week and a half ago, half starved and filthy.  He wandered about our yard and porch, just mewing and crying out in desperation and bewilderment.  He was definitely missing his home and food dish. 
He is a loveable kitty.  Wants to have his belly rubbed or sit in your lap constantly.  Ferals don't behave that way, pets DO!  I have put up posters and called the SPCA.  No one is looking for him.  SPCA Spay/Neuter Clinic will neuter him and give him a free Rabies shot if he is feral, but they also require I let them clip off a corner from his ear, to mark him as feral.  We did this with Conan, but I knew that Conan would always be feral and although he tolerates me petting him occasionally, he will not allow us to hold him or bring him indoors.  I just can't bring myself to allow this PET to have his ear clipped.  I know he will make someone a wonderful pet.  SO, HERE IS MY OFFER.  If you adopt him, I will pay for the neutering and rabies vaccine.  Please spread the word.......Cats can NOT survive on their own in the wild.  They WILL starve.  If you know of anyone who wants a really sweet cat, give me a call or e-mail me at  I now have one cat of my own and 8 strays who have wandered in.  I am at my limit. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tarzan Nears Completion

I almost have Tarzan finished.  It always helps me to see mistakes, by photographing the piece I am working on and then to view it on my computer.  I can see today, I need to strengthen my contrast of values on Tarzan himself.  This is something Donato showed me on the Lion while I was working on it at the Illustration Master Class.  Notice how strong the darks are on the lion's armpit and under his chin and jaw.  Tarzan is still pretty much the same value.  The same with Jane.  I will do this tomorrow, I hope!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

IMC Lion

Here is the Lion!  This is as far as I got on him while at the IMC.  I have been working on the Tarzan figure and foreground, since returning home.  I am still doing battle with the chest cold I got while in Amherst.  This is a hard one to shake.  I will post another picture as soon as I get it at a presentable stage of development. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


As Promised, Gorillas

Artist At Work on The Gorillas

Some photos from the Illustration Master Class as promised

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

IMC Update

Just a quick update before turning in for the night.  I had a fantastic day today.  The cold is finally getting better.  I actually started getting some paint on the panel.  My background sky and three gorillas.  This is a Tarzan painting!  Well,  I was really pleased with the gorillas I drew back home when preparing for the IMC.  Remember how I gloated, but just knew they would require changes.  Well, first thing this morning Marc Scheff, an illustrator I admire, came around and told me the apes were great, even from across the room.  OK, so a  little bit later, Boris Vallejo (superstar artist) came around and commented on how good the painting was looking, especially the apes.  So now I am on a real high.  OK,  later in the day, Julie Bell (another superstar artist I admire) comes around and said my gorillas were looking great and she loved the colors in my background sky.  Well, by now I am needing oxygen, because I have left the atmosphere and am floating in space.  I am thinking that this day just could not get any better.  But wait, it did!  Irene Gallo, Art Director at Tor Books, came around and just smiled and smiled and said my gorilla was fantastic.  I can't believe all the complements I got on the apes today.  I will photograph them tomorrow and post them when I get back.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

James Gurney Demo

I just watched James Gurney do a portrait demo in watercolor.  The little portrait was approximately 4 1/2 x 4.  All my miniatures friends would love this demo.  He used a few, maybe four or five basic colors, watercolor pencils and something called waterpens.  The pens hold water and have a brush tip.  I was amazed at how accurate the likeness was and the detail and refined finish of the painting.  I must get these waterpens and give this a try.  I follow his blog, Gurney's Journey, and I bet he will post this little painting tonight or tomorrow.  I am now turning in, the head cold has beat me back down.

Master Class Update

I did not post yesterday, I was sick.  I caught a head cold on Monday, which became a chest cold.  On Sunday, I also discovered that my brand new Dell laptop, will not download photos off of my camera card.  Fortunately, we have an abundance of digital artists here and although they could not fix my computer, one did loan me a cord so I could hook my camera straight into the computer and I got my reference photos transfered.  Don't expect any photos on the blog until I can return home and use the studio computer.  OK, so I got up this morning and headed for my car at the campus parking lot, gonna go get some major drugs and not let this cold ruin my trip.  Got into my car and discovered my windshield had a crack 25inches across from the drivers side to almost the passenger side.  Looks like a chip from a rock started it.  I am beginning to think I have an evil spirit following me around.
Well, I took some SudaFed and Robitussin and took a nap at lunchtime.  I am now back on my feet and continuing to enjoy the IMC.  Its amazing, all the talented artists that have come together here in Amherst.  If you don't recognize the following names, you really should look them up on Google.  You will see why I am in Art Rockstar Heaven......Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell, Rebecca Guay, Ian McCaig, Greg Manchess, James Gurney, Scott Fischer, Brom, Dan Dosantos, Donato Giancola.  OH, wait til you see the painting I  am creating.  James Gurney complemented my design, and Julie Bell complemented my color combinations and style.  WAY COOL!  

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tarzan is not Lefthanded

Yesterday was long, 6 am til 9 pm nonstop learning and I went to bed exhausted.  The critique went as expected and I learned more in one day about composition than you could ever imagine.  Did you know that Tarzan is not lefthanded?  My original concept sketch has Tarzan holding his knife in his left hand and ready to plunge the knife into a lion.  Before leaving home, dear sweet hubby, posed for some reference photos, holding the knife in his left hand as I asked.  Hubby protested bitterly that it was awkward and needed to be changed.  Naturally being female and smarter than he, I did not change the pose.  So during the critique yesterday, Master Artist, Boris Vallejo advised me that Tarzan needed to be flipped so that he would be right handed.  Boris explained that the majority of the world's population is righthanded and we should paint for the majority norm, when doing illustration.  Otherwise, most folks will perceive it as off or not quite right looking.  OK Hubby, I am only saying this once, you are right and I am wrong.  I am turning in now, it was another long day, filled with exciting demonstrations and art making. 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Trip to Illustration Master Class

I left home at 3:00am yesterday and drove to Amherst Massachusetts.  It took me 9 and a half hours to reach the Campus.  So at around 1pm, I unloaded  my car, set everything in my room and then hopped back into the car and drove another hour and 15 minutes west to Stockbridge and the Norman Rockwell Museum.  A museum guard was kind enough to snap the photo of me next to my favorite Rockwell painting.  This painting always reminds me of my grandmother's house and meals at her dinning room table.  The other photo is Rockwell's  studio, which actually sat in town.  It was moved to the site of the museum which is a few miles outside of town.    The entire town is pristine and looks as though it was still 1946 or thereabouts. 
Oh GEEZ, get a load of that outfit I am wearing.  I really need a fashionista to help me dress.  Oh well, it was a wonderful day, although extremely exhausting.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Packing for IMC trip

I am super excited today.  Packing this morning for the IMC trip.  I hope to leave tomorrow morning at 3:00 am so as to avoid all the major rush hours and reach Amherst early enough to check in and then hop back into my car and drive another hour and a half over to Stockbridge Massachusetts and see the Norman Rockwell Museum.  I have had some minor setbacks this week, but have managed to overcome.  Lupus flaired up on Saturday, I am better and YIPPEE, I have lost another 2 pounds.  Thanks and Kisses to my husband for staying up last night until 11:30 and printing out 100 business cards with Medusa on them.  I had ordered some, they arrived and were not up to my standards.  I have now given up trying to find an online business card printer.  Just when I think I have found one, the next order turns out to be awful.  I had my car washed last Friday and interior cleaned for the trip.  My antenna was broken off.  But, the car wash manager came through and replaced it for me yesterday.  I will continue to be a car wash customer.  I love it when people do the honorable thing.  I ordered some clothing for the trip three weeks ago.  Order got lost, but showed up yesterday.  Is it me or are all the stars in heavens in alignment this week?  Oh, must be the Venus crossing the sun thing!

My next post will be from the dorms at Amherst College. 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Awakening Underpainting

The underpainting is almost finished.  Blocked in the figure and almost got the reflection in the water.  My model is Alexis, daughter of my friend Jennifer, aka Medusa, Amazon Warrior and Venus. The photo reference is strickly for her face and the position of the reflection.   A very good day except for the Lupus flair up I am currently dealing with this evening. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

IMC Concept Sketch

OK, Thanks to Chris Kalin for pointing out the obvious to me. Shoot a picture and upload it to my blog.  DUHHHHH!!!   It amazes me how bumbling fools such as myself, manage to navigate this technical world.  God watches out for fools and little children!  So this is my preliminary sketch for the IMC.  We all know it will not remain this way after the first day critiques.  I am gloating back here in Virginia, about how I nailed the gorillas.  Watch how humbled I will be after the critique day. 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Oh Crap!

zOK, so I worked all morning long yesterday, on the foreground of "Awakening".  Cleaned up the brushes and headed to my sons for a cookout.  Got in late, slept too long this morning and headed into the studio in my bathrobe to gloat over the wonderful foreground I painted yesterday.  OH CRAP!  It was awful.  What was I thinking?  I grabbed the turpenoid and papertowels and promptly removed all of yesterdays work.
Moral to this story is "We all need to be humbled once in a while, especially when we think we are approaching demigod status" 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Day 1 - Awakening

I made great progress yesterday.  Got the initial sketch on the canvas and started the background.  I decided to do something a bit different this time and go for a background reminiscent of Fragonard or Anthony van Dyck. Although I don't have a live Faun to study and who can really say if her legs are correct or not,  I intend to adjust the leg length and structure tomorrow.  To me, they look wrong in comparison to the upper body

Thursday, May 24, 2012

"Awakening Begins"

The studio reeks with the wonderful aroma of Oil Primed Linen, freshly stretched yesterday.  This is one of my favorite scents.  If I could bottle it, I would.  Of course, few men would find that attractive.  Anywho....onto my new painting "Awakening".   I will crank up the stereo and tune out the world.  Pictures will be forthcoming. 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Mercury Finished

I think that Mercury is finished.  I only see one other thing I may tweak down the road.  (there is always one more thing!!).  I feel the little wings could use more work, maybe.  I will chew on it for a while, but as of right now, I am done.  Moving onto Flora or The Faun this week.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Perfect Morning

I took this picture this morning at about 6:45am.  I was sipping my coffee from the front porch rocker and Bambi did not see me as she walked out from behind some bushes.  The weather is perfect this morning, not a cloud in the sky and not too hot.  I spent the rest of the morning working on my drawing for the upcoming Illustration Master Class.  That's what I call a perfect morning. 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Rob Liberace in International Artist Magazine

One of my favorite teachers, Rob Liberace is featured in an interview style in the International Artist Magazine.  If you aren't familiar with his work, you are in for a treat.  I have really improved my own drawing ability by taking his classes at The Art League in Alexandria VA.  I am long overdue for another class with Rob.  Congratulations Rob, on the interview and feature of your artworks in International Artist.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Meet Me at the Reception

I was honored to have been juried into the Art In City Hall show, juried by Ali Ringenburg, of Principle Gallery.  Come meet me at the reception, Monday, May 21, 5:30 until 7:00 pm.  My painting, Vanitas #3 will be on view along with the best art that Alexandria VA has to offer. 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Psyched for the Illustration Master Class

I have received the class schedule, along with the assignment choices for this year's Illustration Master Class in Amherst Massachusetts.  Wow, the choices for our in class illustration assignments is overwhelming.  They are so varied and so interesting, I can't decide which to tackle.  I am drawn to one in particular, but worry that I may have too much outside influence to actually be able to develop my own concept.  I grew up watching the 1930s and 40s movies about Tarzan, and even the later TV series.  I would really have to push beyond what I know on the subject to get a new and never seen before concept.  There are also two juicy Sci Fi stories we can choose to illustrate and I am dieing to cut my teeth on a Sci Fi project.  Last year I chose to illustrate a childrens' book idea and although I was happy with what I produced, I felt like I took the easy path and chickened out on the Sci Fi challenge.  If I pick Tarzan, I fear I may come home feeling like a whimp once again. 

I am sooooooo excited about this journey, I have already saved up the gas and toll road money from my tips at the barista job.  I even drug the suitcase up from the basement.   I am pumped!!!!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My First Veggie of the Season

I pulled up this radish yesterday from my little raised bed garden.  It was so perfect looking and I was so proud.  I washed it up, at dinner time.  Sliced it in half and put half on my plate and half on my husbands plate.  But, the piggy in me took over and I ate both pieces before the plates made it to the table.  MY BAD!  It was delicious and I have about 50 more coming along and they should be ready to eat any day now. 
Working on Mercury today.....back to work now.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bad Brushes

I just spent this whole day working on the Viking painting and I have hated every minute of the work.  At first I just cursed it, wondering why it has become such a hateful project.  I took frequent breaks, getting a new perspective.  The paint was not moving around for me as it always has in the past.  Maybe I need more medium?   Finally I realized that I had spent most of the time, picking off tiny little hairs from the brushes, that were embedded in the paint.  Instead of nice crisp edges where I needed them, I was forced to keep repainting those edges with a variety of sizes of brushes and different tips, ie. filbert, brights, or liners.  AHA!  its not me today, it's the @#%$@ brushes I am using.  I have just been too absorbed to catch on to the problem.  It seems that these new high dollar brushes I purchased some time back and have had put aside til now, are a bad lot.  I have only used them two or three times previous to today.  I am meticulous about cleaning my brushes.  I use brush cleaner faithfully.  Although I adhere to the wisdom of purchasing the best materials you can afford (these brushes weren't cheap) sometimes the best is not the best.  I think I will go back to using my cheaper brushes tomorrow and see how things go. 
Any fellow artists out there who want to send me their favorite brushes?  How about your best source for these brushes?  Thanks, Linda

Friday, May 4, 2012

Procrastination Pep Talk from Gregory Manchess

I just read a great blog post from Gregory Manchess at the Muddy Colors blog.  He gave some tips for overcoming procrastination for us artists.  As he points out, procrastination leads to paralysis.  I am the postergirl for this problem.  If I fail to adhere to a schedule, I find that I start procrastinating and then when I do finally get into the studio, I am paralyzed by fear.  I move papers around, fiddle with the computer and even decide to dust my studio(I haven't dusted my home in years, but now it seems imperative to dust a studio? What's that about?)
So, I finally got into the studio today and worked on the Viking painting.  I made real progress and will post a photo when it is a little more finished.  
You really should check out the Muddy Colors blog....another posting shows a cover of a new comic about Serenity.  I absolutely loved the tv series and movie Serenity.  The star, Nathan Fillion, aka Castle, is perfectly represented on the cover.  By the way, if I were 30 years younger, I would stalk Nathan Fillion.  He is my favorite male actor living or dead. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Creative Withdrawl

Its been days since I picked up a brush or pencil and did some actual artwork.  I am feeling less than nice towards the world.....just like when I quit smoking in 2000.  I have been so busy with all the other stuff that goes with being an artist, I have not had a moment to get into my studio.  So, tomorrow does not look much better, work and dental appointment are sure to sap my energy and creativity.  I can see the viking painting from where I sit at the keyboard.  I love my mean viking and won't change a thing about him.  But the rest of the painting is headed for a serious rework. 
I am going to go caress my oil primed linen, the texture and smell soothes me. Ciao!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Vikings Progress and I Hate Change

  • I have always maintained that I thrive on change, but I now realize, I hate change.  The new blogger changes have me befuddled.  I suppose this old dinosaur will eventually evolve.  But, Boy is it hard sometimes.   So here is the progress on the viking painting as of today.  I am getting the background finalized and the grass and rock foreground is starting to take shape.  The monk's face is really kicking my butt.  I thought it would be easy, but for some reason, I just can't get it going, and I am using my husband as a basis, but not an exact portrait.  Maybe I need some more distance from it for a bit.  But, I will say, I am fond of the viking.  He looks mean and nasty and unclean. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Life Gets In The Way

Sitting here today at the keyboard and I've got nothing.  Been too long since the last posting, so here's a recap.  I turned 60, YIKES!!!!  I have learned to make an awesome latte and espresso.  Still working on the Vikings and Mercury paintings.  Really thought they would be finished by now, but had a funeral in a distant town to attend, got caught up in visiting galleries, picking up art and dropping off more art.  Oh, and now I have lost 15 lbs. 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Painting White

For years and years I struggled to paint a convincing white object. Most turned out flat and awful shades of grey and white or blue and white. This photo illustrates clearly how far I have come in my education on painting white. The white pot is my basic grey and white object with some touches of yellow and blue. It's ok, but look at the white Iris and the crochet tablecloth. There are variations of lavender, pink, blue, teal, yellow and even a spot of orange and green in the white of that Iris.

The table cloth has purple to lavender shades, yellow and blue and grey shades in it also. I finally found my own method of interpreting white in this painting and have filed it away in my brain under color memory storage files. This painting is now for sale at the Hermitage Design and Gallery in McLean Virginia.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Much Better Composition

Here it is. The Zorro cloud formation is gone. This is much better......the background is a background and does not compete with the characters in the foreground. The sky is dramatic and lends an ominous tone to the whole image.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sculpting Adventure

I have always wanted to try my hand at sculpture. I don't have much in the way of sculpting materials and so I wacked on these two Alberta Spruces in front of my home this weekend. Ta Dah!!! Not too shabby for my first ever attempt at topiary. Now I am searching the yard for more shrubs to fall victim to my clippers. Both of the spruces were originally 7 feet tall.

Monday, April 2, 2012

From Good to Better

For every bad day, there is a really good day waiting. Yesterday was it. I am especially fond of rabbits, having been born on Easter Sunday many eons ago. Yesterday, I painted this Jackrabbit getting a head start on Mercury and also a box turtle looking up at him. I will work on these two little guys again, they aren't finished, but are pretty satisfying starts. Oh, and all this after my adventure in topiary clipping. I will post pictures of that later.

I have already prepared my palette for today, squeezed out lots of colors, laid out my brushes, put on the pot of coffee. I am promised by my husband, that there will be no interuptions today.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

From Bad to Worse

Remember the two little dark clouds problem? Well, now it is one big cloud problem. Did the fix, left the room and then returned to find that Zorro had been at work on my painting. Oh Shoot, I will fix it tomorrow. Today I am pruning shrubs and then painting a Jack Rabbit on the Mercury painting.