Thursday, June 30, 2011

Preliminary Sketch for IMC

This is the first drawing done as part of my assignment at the Illustration Master Class. On the first day there, we had our drawings critiqued and then we had to do new concept drawings. Tomorrow, I will post the revised drawing.

Our assignment was to take the title "The Trouble With_______" and we were to fill in the blank and then generate a concept drawing for the cover of a childrens book with that title. My idea was a book titled "The Trouble With Invisible Dragons"

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

On Crutches and Finishing Medusa

Well I overdid it again. Today I helped with yardwork and managed to pull the plantar thingy again in my foot, just stepping down off a stone wall out front of the house. I was in agony and had to retreat to the shady porch and it has not gotten better this afternoon. So, out came the crutches and I am doing my Tiny Tim impression. I plan to hobble to the gallery/studio tomorrow and try finishing up either Medusa or the cover illustration for a childrens book, that I started in Massachusetts at the IMC. Anyone who knows me, knows that I always sign my art before it is finished. Especially if it is a piece that will take a long time to do. I learned years ago, that my OCD personality makes me finish something that has my signature on it. I used to start paintings, put them in a corner when a new idea came along and then they got forgotten. At one time I had stacks of canvases in a corner, waiting to be finished. I am always thinking of new things to paint, I just don't have enough time to do them all. There are other things I do which keep me on track with my art career. I have a prioritized to do list. I actually number my to do list and complete them in order if at all possible. Anytime I do something out of order, instead of just scratching it off the list.....I have the compulsion to redo the entire list.....It Must Be Neat. Like I said.....OCD. Hey, I even recycle paper towels.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Sites to Check Out

Here are two new sites to check out. Very Informative!!!!!

Studio Critiques

This is a shot of the day one studio critiques. Iain McCaig is bent down in the center of the picture and is showing how to try out composition changes on transfer paper laid over the original artwork. Rebecca Guay is on the left leaning in to watch.

I am still recuperating, head cold has gone to the chest.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Back Home Again

This is the dorm that I stayed in at the IMC in Amherst Massachusetts. Very Pretty!

I am home again and managed to bring home a nasty head cold from the IMC. I will write more after I have recuperated. My plantar faciatis is on the mend and I am staying off my feet for a few days to let it heal. I can't believe all the walking I managed to do on my poor foot.

It's official, I lost 10 lbs just from all the walking. They fed us like we were kings and you all know my legendary appetite. I hope to keep up the walking here at home.

Back to the office now, I have so much catching up to do.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Fair Well to Amherst IMC

Today was the last day at the Illustration Master Class. I managed to work on my painting a final time for two hours. Still not enough to finish it or even make me happy with it.

Our last lecture was on the business end of being an illustrator. Nothing good is ever easy and this next step of breaking into the field and landing jobs will be nothing short of building a pyramid.

I also have learned that the children's book field may not be where I really want to go. I was much more drawn to the book cover art and the sci fi art. I will work this year to build a great portfolio and then throw my hat in the ring, so to speak.

Well, off to shower and then to sleep. I am leaving here at 6 am for home.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Last Day at IMC is Tomorrow

I painted furiously all day today when not in a lecture. Rebecca Guay lectured today about the importance of body gesture and finding that essential moment in an illustration. If you have never seen her artwork you will be enchanted by her work. Tomorrow is the last day and then its that lovely 10 hour drive back home for me and then the next day is father's day. I plan to sleep until noon and then do something nice for the father of my son.

I know I can't finish my painting by tomorrow, so I will finish it up when I go back to the studio in the Ice House next week.

Off to my final lecture today, "Why I Paint" Donato Giancola.
I am so tired, but I can now go up the flight of 15 steps at the school studios, without stopping and still have breath enough to speak. I think I have lost 10 lbs.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More IMC

I am getting ready to go to the next lectures. Featured speakers are Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell. I have pushed myself to the limit today and went beyond. I am very proud of my work although it is still not finished and I fear it wont get finished, but I am giving it my best. I visited the Mead Art Museum at Lunch today.

Attention my miniatures painting friends. They have the original Trumball painting of George Washington as a general. The very one I have been making little miniatures of. If any of you see Chuck in Little Washington, let him know and tell him I said Hi. To Jeanne in Manassas, they have some exquisite miniatures in their collection.

Off to the lectures now.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

More from the IMC

Another fabulous day. James Gurney and Greg Manchess gave super lectures today and this evening. I actually got the color going today. Painted a fairly decent blue sofa behind my invisible dragon and the dragons' head and body is well under way. The highlight of my day was when Greg Manchess was walking around helping students. He was with the two guys beside me and then after spending a great deal of time with them, he simply walked behind me and said, Oh yes, that's an invisible dragon, you pulled it off. And then he continued on to the next student. Earlier when he was suggesting composition changes on day two, he had said to me, "you sure you want him to be invisible? How you gonna approach that?" Greg has done tons of action book covers, such as Conan the Barbarian, movie posters and now he is doing huge traveling murals of pirates for Smithsonian. He also has a postage stamp of Mark Twain coming out at the Postal Service next month. Way Cool!
Had a great time talking with Rebecca Guay this evening also. You absolutely must google her site and check out her fantastic artwork. She is the organizer of the IMC. Thank You Rebecca

Hello From the IMC

Hello from Amherst Massachuesetts and the Illustration Master Class. Last night James Gurney gave a sensational lecture on Light and Color. I purchased his new book, by the same name and had him sign it for me yesterday. Today he will speak on composition. Just so you know what a novice I am......I have made four major revisions to my original sketch. Each new guest faculty member finds something wrong with my concept. We were supposed to start the painting yesterday afternoon. YIKES! This morning I hope to actually start painting.

Oh yeah, I am one of the few folks up here without tats.

To my friends and family back home........I am exhausted!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 2 - Way Cool, Much Better Today

Today was the official start and my second day in Amherst. We got a cold front and some rain during the night and I actually woke up needing a blanket. I am much less cranky when I am not hot and sweaty. My roommate arrived last night and we are compatible roomies. We are about the same age, love the same illustrators and we are both overly polite and accomodating. I won't go looking for a motel!

This day was fantastic and our last lecture ended at 8:30. All the faculty are soooooooo funny, generous and so supportive. I am getting more info than my brain can hold. I was so insecure until two things happened today. Early this morning a fellow student complemented me on my blog, which he has been following since we all shared our site addresses. Then he complemented me on my SCULPTURE of Medusa. I was blown away that he thought it was a 3 dimensional sculpture piece. How cool is that? The second ego boost came during the critique session. My drawing (I will post photos when I get home) got a very positive and informative critique, the highspot being......Iain McCaig, liked my dragon. Commented on it's originality, but did suggest compositional changes. Iain is the artist who did Star Wars art at Lucas Films. So I have started a rework of my drawing. I also discovered that I love Sci Fi art more than I realized.

I learned more today than I have learned in the last two years. My Brain Hurts, I Am Going to Bed Now! Goodnight

Friday, June 10, 2011

I Made It to IMC

Well, I am finally here. The trip up took me 2 hours longer than I expected. I had not factored in New York City. Can you believe that I-95 goes right through the city? And boy was the traffic at a crawl. Then, one delay after another in Connecticut due to road construction and folks leaving work early on a Friday and headed to the shore or country. But, I come from pioneer stock and took all this in stride.

I arrived at the Morris Pratt Dormatory to check in and boy oh boy is it basic. No AIR CONDITIONING IN THE WHOLE PLACE! We get two flat sheets for our modest twin bed, two towels and one pillow case for the pillow. I never went to college and did not expect the toilet and shower arrangements. Two toilets and two shower stalls for I am guessing 8 women on this floor. Being a modest old woman, this is too much like an army barracks for me. My roommate has not arrived yet, "another surprise". Hopefully she will arrive before I turn in for the night.

Well, tomorrow should be better. If not, I may find a nice motel nearby with A/C and privacy. Oh I forgot, this room smells like old gym socks.

Good Night

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

More Medusa

Medusa is now 3/4 finished. This photo was taken so quickly and I was so excited to be one more day closer to my trip north, I did not notice until now that I cropped out most of the right side of the painting when I made the shot. Also lost some of my favorite snakes on the right side.

Only two more days til the Illustration Master Class. I am really excited.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wrangling Cats

This photo shows our baby mocking birds which were born in the Alberta Spruce at the foot of my front porch steps. I can't imagine what the parents were thinking. I have five cats and also occasionally feed two others from the neighborhood. Guess where all the cats spend the lazy hazy afternoons of summer? YEP! The front porch. And so, two days ago, the parents encouraged (they pushed them) them out of the nest. Since then, I have scrambled to get the cats inside before the birds get active in the mornings. This morning I spent a lot of time gathering up my numerous cats and locked them in the basement for the day. I wonder how long it is until the babies can fly on their own? Right now they just hop about and up onto low hanging branches.

Five days until the Illustration Master Class! The excitement is building!