Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Studio

I have rented a studio within Art Square in Leesburg Virginia.  There is a wonderful gallery up front and my studio, which is pretty roomy is at the very back of the building.  There is a fabulous roll up garage door style window along one side, the whole length of the room.  I forgot to check and see if it was Northern Light, but I felt pretty sure it was when we were up there yesterday to sign the lease.  If the weather cooperates tomorrow, I will start moving my belongings in and setting up my workspace.  I have a very nice studio at home, but find that I am easily distracted at home......there is always laundry, cooking or gardening to do.  But I will say this, I never turn on the TV.  Does that make me a good girl?   I got so much accomplished at my studio in Little Washington, working on paintings in two locations was a real motivator for me.  Photos coming soon!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Demo - Creating a Pet Portrait

On Saturday, July 28th, I will be doing a demonstration at the Studio Frame Shop in Warrenton Virginia. The shop is located on the second floor of The Paint Shop on Alexandria Pike.   I will answer questions and talk about creating a pet portrait in charcoals or pastels as I work on a portrait of my kittens, Monet and Norman Rockwell.  The demo begins at 11:00 am and runs until 3:00 pm.  I will break occasionally to stretch my back and legs.   Seating is limited, RSVP at sha45rps@starpower.net.

Faun Progress

I made great progress yesterday.  Really on a roll now!  Again, seeing the image on the monitor helps me judge.  Although this probably looks very dark on your end, in the studio here, the colors are rich and brighter than my photograph shows.  I think the hand on the rocks is a bit too large...will work on that today.  My husband thinks the reflection is too small, so I showed him my reference shots and in them the reflection is indeed small.  This is because her facial reflection does not sit on top of the water, but in an equal distance down in the water from the top surface of the water.  In other words, if her face is three feet above the water's surface, the reflected face is six feet from her real face. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Medusa Gets Color

When I first conceived the idea of painting a totally grey portrait of my friend Jennifer as Medusa, it was always my intent to submit the grey painting to Gamblin Artist Color's, Torrit Grey Competition and once that was over, I was going to try my hand at doing pure color glazes over the entire painting.  In the past, my glaze experience has been limited and never really done in it's purest form.  I scumble semi transparent colors over one another and occasionally take some linseed oil and thin colors to apply over a previous layer.  But, this time I decided to push myself, and boy has it payed off.  This is Medusa with transparent colors glazed on with the assistance of Liquin.  I used Sap Green on the snakes, Ultramarine Blue and some Cerulean Blue over the sky and for Medusa's skin, a bit of Indian Yellow and Permanent Rose together with the Liquin.  Pure Permanent Rose on her lips and some Ultramarine over the Irises of her eyes.  Nothing on her toga and in most of the cracking stone areas of her flesh, no glaze was applied. 

I think this has the feel of a 1940s tinted photo, much like my mom and dad's wedding day photo.  I think I like this technique and will try more of it in the future.  But for now, I must totally focus on my solo show in April 2013.  I still have a few more Gods and Goddesses to complete.   Flora and Posieden are up next.  The Faun is looking good.....photos coming soon.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tarzan Finished

I finished Tarzan a while back and forgot to post him here on the blog.  He is on Facebook and a few other spots, but somehow, I forgot my own blog. 

Kitty Gets A Home

I have found a new home for the orange and white kitty who recently showed up at our back door.  We never named him, but still I am a bit attached.  I will get him neutered this week and a rabies shot and then deliver him to his new owner in a week.  I still have seven more needing a good home.  Actually, three are so old now, they will never get new homes, just hang out here with me til they go to the big Litter Box in the Sky.