Monday, February 28, 2011

Back to Work on Saint Alice

We all know how life gets in the way sometimes. So after a bit of a delay, I have resumed work on Saint Alice. I really had a good day working on her face and hair. Visitors to the gallery/studio have commented on how it looks just like my reference photos. I am especially pleased with the glow of the sunshine on her face which you can't really see from this shot of the painting. I still have more work in the face, but for now I am just digesting what has been done while moving to the dress and arms and Timmy the cat.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Venus Completed

Venus is finally finished. Due to unforseen circumstances, I used two models for this portrait who were so different in body type, that I almost had to start from scratch half way through the painting. I worked long and hard on this painting. I have titled the painting, "Jennifer as Venus".
My favorite part of this painting is the elbow extended toward the viewer on the right side of her body, or left side of painting as viewed. I think that I finally got a very ethereal quality and the light on the bone is the best I have ever done. Her eyes pleased me also!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Clint Eastwood sighting

I have from a reliable source, a sighting of Clint Eastwood at the Fauquier County Courthouse. Rumour is, Mr. Eastwood is scouting a location in our area for an upcoming film project.

Somebody Please, tell Mr. Eastwood about the fantastic town of Washington and the Ice House Gallery!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Quote

I just read this quote on Gurney's Journey, the blog of Dinotopia creator, James Gurney.

"If you work with your hands, you're a laborer. If you work with your hands and mind, you're a craftsman. And if you work with you hands, mind and heart, you are an artist."

If you ever see the sunset paintings done by James Gurney, you will see that my sunsets are influenced by his works. Check out Mr. Gurney's blog, its very informative.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Beach Babies on View at Ice House

I have three adorable impressionist paintings by Adrienne J. Kralick, now on view at the gallery.

Adrienne and I go way back, studied portraiture together at The Art League. The paintings are of little babies and toddlers playing at the beach. Adrienne recently opened up Avenue Beau Sejour in Great Falls Virginia. It is a gallery with a library, Starbucks Coffee shop and classroom space where she teaches. She has several artists and artisans showing their work in her gallery.

Francesca Di Lorenzo Visits

I recently sold a sculpture by Francesca Di Lorenzo at the gallery. Francesca came out on Saturday to bring me some more sculptures to choose from for the gallery. I always love looking at her new sculptures, she is very talented and we spent the afternoon catching up and talking art. I wish my gallery were larger, so I could fit more of her works in. I don't usually accept art from other artists, since my gallery is so small and I want to avoid the crowded ARTARAMA look. Too much on the walls and floors just looks sloppy.

Happy Valentines Day

Today is the day for lovers and old gals like me who still adore their husbands.

Happy Valentines Day to all!

President Monroe Has an Accident

I have been told that Ivorine will buckle or warp if it is not affixed to something solid. So, I now use an aerosol can of photomount to affix my miniatures to foamcore before framing. I had a minor accident with President Monroe......I oversprayed an area next to the ivorine and then slipped the painting over the fixative as I was lifting it up. The fixative got onto his black coat in the area of my signature. The photomount fixative is rubbery and sticky and I tried in vain to remove it, unfortunately part of the painting came off. What they say about waiting six months to varnish a painting is true.....oil paints take a long time to dry!
I have now repainted the coat and my signature and the President has retired to his chambers to rest.