Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I"m Back!

Wow, what a weekend! The Portrait Society of America conference was more exciting than last years. Every year it gets better and better. This year, being a new volunteer on the newsletter committee, I was seated with other members at a reserved table. Being the country bumpkin that I am, this was like dinning at the grandest New York or Parisian restaurant for me. Such a treat and then to make it even better, I was seated next to three of my favorite rising star artists. On my left was Kay Polk, a Dallas based artist and Luana Luconi Winner from North Carolina and on my right was Alexandra Tyng from Pennsylvania. All three ladies are fantastic portrait artists on an international level and all three were so warm and friendly, making my banquet experience the best ever.

I had my portfolio critiqued twice and received invaluable information on becoming a better artist. One critique was harder to swallow than the other, but you know me, ever the optimist......nothing keeps me down. I have resolved to have that portfolio critique again in a year and this time get glowing accolades.

My old nemisi "Lupus" reared its ugly head on Sunday morning. I was so exhausted even with staying at the hotel on Saturday night, that I could hardly get out of bed on Sunday morning. So after sitting through most of the morning sessions and not getting better I had to give away my bus ticket to the National Portrait Gallery and head home for rest. I learned the hard way a few years ago, that if you don't pay attention to the warning signs, you can really end up worse off.
I let myself get too exhausted, depleted my immune system and ended up with Shingles. I don't intend to let that happen again.

I want to thank my dear friend Alice Shelman for watching the gallery for me while I was away. She really is a Saint!

Now to tackle all the paperwork that has piled up while I was gone and sort through and organize my notes from the conference.......this usually takes me six months.

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