Friday, November 26, 2010

I Am Back

I am back, finally. Its been a long recovery period for my husband and he still has two more weeks before he can be left alone. I will be right here with him, so may not open the gallery before Dec. 10th. I am feeling the effects of Art Withdrawl.......becoming very bummed over the forced confinement. I am catching up on my art reading, but that just makes me crave the studio even more. I go into the studio here at our home, but can't get motivated like when I am at the Ice House. No sooner do I start something, than I have to stop and help the hubby. Oh well, thats the price we pay for true love.
I thought I would share this drawing in charcoal on blue Canson paper and heightened with white conte. I did it for a competition for a chance to do a posthemous portrait of the Colonel. I did not win, but actually I did. I think just the act of getting a good likeness was a fair prize for me.

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