Thursday, January 27, 2011

Yesterday's Post & Snow Storm

We had a tremendous snow storm here yesterday and at the height of the storm, just as I was about to post my blog, out went the lights. We lost electricity and it only came back on an hour ago. For you city folks who have never experienced country at it's best, this means without the electricity, you have no water to drink, can't shower or flush toilets, no heat, no lights, no entertainment and no computer.

Our home is well prepared for this sort of thing. We had drawn water in all tubs for flushing toilets, water to drink in coolers and bottled water, the gas log fireplace kept the house at 62 degrees (fortunately we have a very tight brick home that does not loose heat quickly), candles to read by, and a battery powered radio and flashlight. Tea kettles for hot coffee and a gas stove that lights with a match. Other than boredom and a bit of a chill, we made it just fine. We even relearned some card games and I now owe my husband $7,500 in poker losses.

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