Sunday, February 13, 2011

President Monroe Has an Accident

I have been told that Ivorine will buckle or warp if it is not affixed to something solid. So, I now use an aerosol can of photomount to affix my miniatures to foamcore before framing. I had a minor accident with President Monroe......I oversprayed an area next to the ivorine and then slipped the painting over the fixative as I was lifting it up. The fixative got onto his black coat in the area of my signature. The photomount fixative is rubbery and sticky and I tried in vain to remove it, unfortunately part of the painting came off. What they say about waiting six months to varnish a painting is true.....oil paints take a long time to dry!
I have now repainted the coat and my signature and the President has retired to his chambers to rest.

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