Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Studio

I have rented a studio within Art Square in Leesburg Virginia.  There is a wonderful gallery up front and my studio, which is pretty roomy is at the very back of the building.  There is a fabulous roll up garage door style window along one side, the whole length of the room.  I forgot to check and see if it was Northern Light, but I felt pretty sure it was when we were up there yesterday to sign the lease.  If the weather cooperates tomorrow, I will start moving my belongings in and setting up my workspace.  I have a very nice studio at home, but find that I am easily distracted at home......there is always laundry, cooking or gardening to do.  But I will say this, I never turn on the TV.  Does that make me a good girl?   I got so much accomplished at my studio in Little Washington, working on paintings in two locations was a real motivator for me.  Photos coming soon!

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