Sunday, October 14, 2012

Drawing Class at Art Square

I taught 11 wonderfully well behaved children yesterday at the Loudoun County Arts Center in Art Square, in Leesburg Virginia.  All ranged in ages from 7 to 11.  Our lesson was on drawing animals.  My method is to teach children to look for the basic shapes in the subject they are drawing and build upon those basic shapes.  We drew my old dog Molly.  I actually created this lesson five years ago when Molly was still alive.  I explain to the kids that Boxers are made up of two boxes, one large, one smaller.  Eyes viewed from the side are triangles and so are the ears.  Its amazing how quickly children will rush through their drawings and want to do another and another and another.  So I always carry spare lesson examples.  We also did a long haired kitty and a goofy crocodile.  Its a good thing I had the crocodile in my head, since I did not have another lesson planned after the kitty.  Wow, what energy those kids had!  

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