Saturday, October 19, 2013

Color Notes is Back

OK, it's been awhile, hasn't it?
I am sitting on the back porch with my cup of Joe and marveling at all the beauty in my new neighborhood.  It's peak leaf season here, red, yellow, orange, and still some greens in the trees that still have leaves.  I recall a woman from Maine who visited my gallery in Little Washington, telling me that our mountains are called the Caramel Colored Mountains up north.  I see what she means.  Most of my oaks are a brownish orange.  This led me to thinking of how I would mix the colors to paint them.
So here is my little nugget for today.  If you mix two complementary colors together, they will grey one another.  And depending on how much you add of one to the other, you get various greyed color.  For my caramel oaks I would take some Cadmium Orange and add tiny amounts of Cerulean Blue to grey the orange.  If I add equal parts of the two colors together, I will get a warm grey. 

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