Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Family Tree Receives Award

My painting, Family Tree, was awarded the Elaine & James Hewitt Award for Oils & Acrylics on Sunday at the Salmagundi Club in New York City.  I drove up  by myself on Sunday morning to attend the awards ceremony at 2 pm.  I don't know what all the moaning and groaning is about when it comes to New York traffic.  I had no trouble whatsoever navigating the city and even found a parking garage just one block from the Salmagundi Club on 5th Ave.  Honestly, I think DC traffic is crazier.  While up there, I saw the 911 monument building, Statue of Liberty, Broadway and lots of city life on the West Side.  I drove through the Holland Tunnel (not cheap) and enjoyed a scenic drive back home through New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia.  I arrived back home at 9 that night.  I was so pumped by the experience, I finished up my Archer painting yesterday and made great progress on the latest piece which I will call Fallen Angel.  Photos tomorrow of both paintings, I hope. 

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