Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Grand Opening Flowers - study

In my efforts to become a more focused artist, I have been doing little studies on bristol or art board that I gesso. They are usually 5 x 7 or 7 x 8 1/2 inches. This is how I determine if something warrants a larger painting and if the composition is good or the idea exciting. This little study is of the flowers I had at the grand opening of the Ice House Gallery/Studio in March. These incredible flowers actually lasted a month and I was able to do the study and then the actual 20 x 16 painting before they withered and died. The colors were so intriguing, I had to do them in a large format. I am offering my little studies to the public through my gallery/studio for around $125 matted. They are selling really well. I have also had three requests from visitors to the gallery to see the larger painting as soon as it is finished . After the three requests are honored, I will post the larger painting to this blog.


  1. I love it Linda! It's no surprise people want to buy your studies. Best of everything on the larger painting you are doing. Linda H.

  2. Thank you Linda H. The larger version is totally different but the colors and blossoms were the inspiration. The larger version will be on the blog soon.