Monday, October 19, 2009

Bambi Alert - It's OK to Kill Bambi

Last night as I was coming home from the gallery, I hit a very large deer. A doe, I believe. She came out of nowhere and there was nothing I could do. CORRECTION, there was plenty I could do and I did it just like the driver safety manuals tell you and so today I sit here typing out this blog instead of ending up in the emergency room of our hospital.

The doe jumped down off an embankment on my left just a few yards in front of my car. I had very little reaction time, but what I did and did not do, saved me from worse damage and injuries. I hit the brakes hard, grabbed they wheel like I was clinging to a cliff and braced myself. Instead of trying to avoid the deer and driving off the road, I aimed for her. Please don't try to avoid the deer.... there are worse things waiting for you on each side of the road, such as huge boulders, trees, barbed wire fences and deep embankments your car could roll down and flip over. As it stands now, I have no injuries other than some back stiffness and my car damage does not look too bad. It is still driveable, but the insurance adjuster will tell me more soon.

This time of year is the worst for deer related accidents. Its all about LOVE right now and those bucks have nothing else on their minds. The does are all excited and spring out in front of cars. Then the bucks follow blindly. Remember, where there is one deer, there are usually more following behind. My accident occurred at one of the most active periods of the deer's day also....dusk. They are really busy at dawn and dusk so be extra careful driving at those times of day. Also, your visability is diminished.

So remember friends......"It's OK to Kill Bambi"

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  1. So glad you're did the right thing.