Friday, October 9, 2009

Final Plein Air Workshop for 2009

Yesterday was once again absolutely perfect weather for a plein air workshop. The mountains were starting to show some color, skies were clear with those occasional Fall wispy clouds high in the sky and low on the horizon. There was a bit of a chill in the air which quickly turned into the perfect temperature.

I demonstrated a view in pastels and we all worked the day on our own views. The hilltop patio at Barrel Oak was quiet except for the occasional bird calls. By the way, we did not see our bald eagel this time. In case I forgot to tell you, at the last workshop a lone bald eagel flew over head and circled our area a good long time. Everyone at the vineyard stopped what they were doing to watch this majestic bird. Although we did not see our eagle friend this time, we did see the fattest ground hog ever running across the hilltop.

We of course did tastings again and then shared a bottle of wine during our lunch.

This was the last workshop for 2009 and I will resume the workshops in the Spring when weather is warm again.............I don't particularly like cold weather.


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