Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rappahannock Artist's Studio Tour

The Rappahannock Artist's Studio Tour this past weekend was an overwhelming success. Over 5oo tickets were sold on Saturday and then another 400 or so were sold on Sunday at the Washington VA Firehall. At the firehall, a gallery was set up so that ticket purchasers could preview the works of the artists before making their choices as to which studios to tour. It was so gratifying to have visitors tell me that they chose my studio because they wanted to see the artist who painted "Adonis-My Son" or "Vanitas #2". Highlights of my weekend included being interviewed by Virginia Living Television on Channel 16, Culpeper and Channel 17, Orange. But, It was the very young man and lady who came in on Sunday around 5:00 with their mother who made my day. They came with pen and paper in hand, prepared specific questions to ask me about art and the best comments of all. The young man told me he chose me to interview for a school report because I had the best art at the Firehall. This is why I paint. I also loved the wonderful comments about my mother's portrait as Gaea, aka Mother Nature. It is a wonderful feeling to know that you have delighted people with a whimsical painting.

I am so tired from all the talking and standing I did this weekend, but I can't wait for next years' tour. It was a fantastic experience.

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