Thursday, March 25, 2010

Beginning Venus

I did this preliminary sketch on Monday for my next major painting, "Venus". The model is so photogenic and so natural with posing for me.

I started with a concept to go with my Gods and Godesses theme. All that went out the window when I started the photo shoot. She just naturally came up with this pose and I liked it so well that I am going to end up doing two different Venus concepts. After reviewing the photos, I have pulled out several poses and decided to do a few preliminary drawings. I just don't draw enough these days and it is a must to have good drawing skills.

My next step is to get the pose roughly placed on the toned linen canvas. Once that is done, I will call the model back to sit for the initial lay in of the painting. At that time, I will adjust any areas where my photos lied to me about her anatomy.

I also had a photo shoot with another model for the Saint Alice of Assisi painting. More on that later.

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