Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Life Gets In The Way

Sitting here today at the keyboard and I've got nothing.  Been too long since the last posting, so here's a recap.  I turned 60, YIKES!!!!  I have learned to make an awesome latte and espresso.  Still working on the Vikings and Mercury paintings.  Really thought they would be finished by now, but had a funeral in a distant town to attend, got caught up in visiting galleries, picking up art and dropping off more art.  Oh, and now I have lost 15 lbs. 


  1. Hey Linda, I'm right behind you. I hit the big 60 next year. Hope I can say I've lost 15 # by then as well. Life can certainly get in one's way. Hope you can get back to your paintings soon.

  2. Hi Kim. Babysitting my first grandchild today, but am researching ideas for a new project while she naps. Once again life is happening all around me, but its good life. Also, the new part time job has jump started my motabilism.

    Also,when you talk about layers on your current posting of the Intervention....are you working with it on the computer? I don't understand what layers you refer to. I really admire that piece.

    1. Hi Linda,
      Aren't grandchildren wonderful!!? Glad you have one close by.
      Yes,the layers I was referring to are Photoshop layers. In a previous post, I was playing around with textures and colors on my computer (CS4) after scanning in my sketch. It helps me see where I want to take a piece and then I try to replicate it with traditional mediums. Two investments I made after my first IMC (2008) was an over-sized scanner and printer. They are indispensably now, especially with the illustrations I'm doing for this children's book. Because the inks are archival, I can paint on top of them without worry. Saves time. Of course, I still like doing larger paintings from sketch to finish too. Hopefully, I've answered your question. Thanks again. Good luck with your research.

  3. Thanks Kim. I got a fantastic camera this year. I will try to upgrade the scanner and printer this year. I will try your method on the next piece before I take it down to the Staples for a good copy off their scanner.
    Thanks again, Linda