Thursday, April 12, 2012

Painting White

For years and years I struggled to paint a convincing white object. Most turned out flat and awful shades of grey and white or blue and white. This photo illustrates clearly how far I have come in my education on painting white. The white pot is my basic grey and white object with some touches of yellow and blue. It's ok, but look at the white Iris and the crochet tablecloth. There are variations of lavender, pink, blue, teal, yellow and even a spot of orange and green in the white of that Iris.

The table cloth has purple to lavender shades, yellow and blue and grey shades in it also. I finally found my own method of interpreting white in this painting and have filed it away in my brain under color memory storage files. This painting is now for sale at the Hermitage Design and Gallery in McLean Virginia.

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