Saturday, September 22, 2012

Teaching Workshop Today

I am headed out in a few moments, to teach a workshop on doing pet portraits in charcoal and pastels.  The class is at Studio Frame Shop in Warrenton Virginia and runs from 11 until 3:00.  So I just have a minute here.
I still think that Posiedon is the best of the bunch in my Gods and Goddesses series.  You will have to come to the show in April and check him out. 
I have returned to the Faun painting and made some major changes.  I decided to stick her hooves into the pond water after I had tried placing a rock under them.  The rocks just did not do it any good, so I took them out and opted for rippled water.  She is now more youthful looking.  I felt I had made her into an older teen and that is not what I was after.  Pictures are coming shortly. 

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