Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What Makes Me An Artist?

OK, it's been awhile, hasn't it?   I was very busy lately and also celebrated 28 years with the same man.  Took the day off to go antique hunting (my cover story!) down in Orange VA, with my hubby.  Little did he know, they have several very nice art galleries.  This is where I get to wax poetic.  What makes me an Artist?  I suppose that since I paint, draw, sculpt or simply try to manipulate every thing my hands touch, until it is a new creation, I am an Artist.  Or maybe it is because, if I am not painting, I am teaching someone else to paint, or if I am not doing either of those activities, then I am most assuredly trying to sell a painting or  planning my next painting.  Oh and how about, if I am watching TV, I am still drawing in my sketchbook.  But what I think really makes me an Artist is, if I am having a conversation with someone, I am always secretly analyzing their face for just the right colors I would use to paint their portrait, or just how far apart the eyes are, how big the nose is or possibly what the temperature of the shadow under the eye is.  I almost always, miss most of what someone is saying to me.  That makes me an Artist.

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