Sunday, November 11, 2012

Invasives In My Yard

I am still under the weather a bit, so I am moving from one sunny window to the next, trying to enjoy the beautiful weather here.  One thing has become very obvious yard is overrun with invasive species.   Bittersweet, honeysuckle, and wysteria are climbing to the tops of all the trees here.  I can blame the highway department for a few of these monsters, such as the autumn olive in every hedgerow, but I am the idiot who thought wysteria would look good on an arbor beside my Bartlet Pear tree.  Now that all the leaves have fallen, I can see wysteria in the very top of the pear tree, choking it to death. 

I can also dismiss the bittersweet a bit, since the songbirds love the seeds and scatter them freely, but there is nothing that will touch an autumn olive berry, except maybe Satan.  I can only hope that one day science will discover those berries will cure some horrible disease.....well, I am gonna tell myself that for a bit longer.

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