Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thinking About Artmaking

I am on the sofa today, trying to recover from an illness that suddenly struck me two days ago.  I have had a constant high fever, aches and pains in every muscle and now a rash all over my body.  Even so, I have tried to read my new copy of International Artist.  But, the eyes are hurting, so now I am just thinking about artmaking.  Planning what I will do next with the Flora painting or planning my next workshop on the 24th, where I will be teaching how to get a likeness using charcoals or pastels.  It is bad enough to be sick, but what really hurts is not feeling good enough to get into my studio and work. on artmaking. 


  1. Thanks Kim. The fever broke and I think the rash is leaving. I should be back in the studio shortly.