Friday, January 30, 2009

Picasso and I, Part II

Ok Folks, Here we are back again after a short hiatus. Actually, I was under the weather a bit, but nothing major.

Everyone is a critic..... my son came for a visit and his opinion is that my hair is too red. He said it looked like I was trying to match my clothes. I will keep that in mind when I work on the painting later today. I worked on the eyes a bit and love, love, love the way this eye came out. I still have issues with the other eye. I played around a bit with other areas of my face but still am not satisfied with the likeness. By the way, I still need that face lift.....Yes, I am Vain.

I am very pleased with the loose feel of the hand and hope the other hand comes out as well.

Observation: Portraits never come easy for me.(except Picasso and Molly) I seem to struggle with portraits, more so than with other things I paint. I get off to a fabulous (or so I think) start only to find the likeness disappear and later it comes back to me. My portraits go through an ugly phase and just when I think I will abandon it, its great again and almost finished. I repaint areas, over and over again. I am on my fourth try of my noise. Brett said it was too small, then Ryan said it was too big. I will let you know what the plastic surgeon thinks. Later, Linda

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  1. Linda, let me just say, this is a nice painting, and I do think you captured yourself! You shouldn't let your family critique (or even see!) the painting while you are in the early stages. This isn't a collaboration, after all, but YOU are doing all the work! Let them see it after you are happy with what you have done. If they offer criticism early on, just ignore them. They are not artists. My 2 cents. (I never listen to Hal until I'm done with the painting!) :-)