Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow and Picasso Update

After working for a bit longer on Picasso, here is a closer look at my studio mate. I totally get into the details too soon. It worked out ok this time, Picasso's eyes are so realistic, but I totally messed up my eyes. Naturally I am not going to show you my flawed abilities.

We woke up to snow this morning and that was such a blessing for me. I had a day of errands and chauffering my husband to therapy all planned out. Can you believe it, I am getting a snow day just like when I was in grade school. I have been in the studio all morning and am about to break for lunch. It is still snowing and we now have 2 inches on the ground. I am including a photo of my other muse, Molly. She just loves snow. And the last photo is of my view from my studio, looking west. I can actually see cars moving along Skyline Drive on a clear day. Am I blessed or what? After lunch I will continue on and give myself a bit of a facelift. Ok, So I am a bit vain.

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