Friday, January 23, 2009

Tricia Ratliff visits my studio

It is high time I mention that this blog would not be happening if fellow artist, Tricia Ratliff, had not come out to my studio in Marshall, Virginia for a visit last week. Tricia brought along her adorable son Ari, who quickly bonded with my cats and husband, Brett. He was quite at home in the studio playing with his toys. It was a nice break from the solace and quiet of the studio out here. I rarely have visitors at my studio in the remote foothills of the Blue Ridge. On top of the location here, I have been caring for my husband who is recovering from hip surgery, and it has literally been weeks since I have been out and about in a social situation.

Tricia and I met at classes with Rob Liberace and have found much in common. We are both realists looking to make our mark in the art world and both love all things art. Tricia has a great blogspot at, and I am a huge fan. Be sure to visit this blog, it is great. I have wondered about doing my own for some time, but it was not until Tricia gave me a prod and some valuable insights, that I dared to try it.

I am working on a selfportrait titled "Picasso and I" and will start tomorrow with postings on it's progress. Be sure to check weekly on "Picasso and I".


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