Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My New Friend Daffy

This beautiful Sharp Shinned Hawk has flown into my dinning room window twice now. The first time, I ran out and picked him up out of the bushes before the cats could get to him. I then remembered my husband telling me how much damage this type hawk can inflict on a human. The beak alone would disable me, imagine what the talons would do. So before he regained consciousness, I placed him on top of my flower pot tower and watched as he revived and flew off. About half an hour. Guess what? I was so excited, I forgot to get pictures.
So yesterday, Daffy was at it again. Flew into the window and landed as you see here in the bush below. This time, I grabbed the camera and turned him over onto his feet, soothingly whispered to him and kept guard until he could fly off again. He did not seem to mind my touching him a bit, but all the same I was careful to not excite him. In the photo of my hand, remember that whatever is closer to the camera is going to look larger. My hand is actually about half as large as the bird and it took two hands to totally surround and hold him. I think he is probably a bit larger than the crows we have around here and much larger than a blue jay.
We now leave the dinning room light on when it is overcast or dawn. At those times of day, the trees across the road reflect into the window of the dark dinning roon and appears like sky that the birds can fly into.

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  1. What great photos of the hawk. Poor guy..twice into the window. We were having those problems with song birds and had to put some bird magnet type images in the window. It did help some. You have some good reference photos to paint of him... Thank you for sharing.