Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ultimate Stink Bug Story

This morning I stumbled to the kitchen for eye opening coffee as usual. Filled the carafe, poured water into the maker, added a filter and then coffee for six cups. I went about the business of fixing breakfast and a lunch for my husband while my own personal drug of choice brewed. Finally, I poured a cup and took a sip. HMMMMMMM Something tasted off. Oh well, I have fall alergies and this morning my nose was runny and stuffy. So I set the coffee aside and rushed to get the lunch and breakfast. I did not return to the cup of coffee until I was sitting down to eat with my husband. I took another big mouthful and immediately smelled stink bugs. I told my husband about the odd way my coffee smelled and he suggested I check out the coffeemaker. He laughed and said they can get into anything and anyplace. You can imagine my horror and disgust when I lifted out the basket of grounds to find a bug, belly up in the basket holder.

Before you go judging me on my cleanliness I will just say this.....I have been accused of being OCD with regards to housekeeping and my husband often calls me Brie (The Red Head Desperate Housewife on TV), when I am scolding him for sloppiness. I always clean the coffee pot and basket after each morning use and have everything ready for the next morning when I am like a zombie waking up.

I will now add checking out the entire coffee pot under a strong light before I make coffee from now on.

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  1. did the stink bugs hide in your coffeemaker? whoaahhh..that's nasty..