Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Peaceable Kingdom

Ok, I realize this is not art related, but I could not resist posting this picture.
This is Molly and two of her five cats. We don't own these cats, Molly our boxer does. We recently had to purchase two more dog beds, so that Molly could find a place to sleep at night. Most of the time, all of the beds have one or two cats on them. Molly is so gentle, she won't bark at the cats. She just stands by the beds and wimpers for the cats to move. Of course, being cats, they won't move. I end up removing a cat or two so that dear sweet gentle Molly can lay down. The big cat on the right was a ferel cat that we inadvertantly captured in a Hav A Hart trap years ago. Once we had him, we neutered him, cleaned him up, got his shots and then released him. But, he had had a taste of civilization and was hooked. He began showing up for meals and sitting in the living room window watching us. After about six months, I was able to pet him, and 9 months later he was coming inside to look around. We have now had him for 5 years. We decided that since a car has four tires and a spare, we would call him Spare Kitty, since we already had four cats.

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