Thursday, December 23, 2010

Presidents Miniatures

I recently sold another of my George Washington miniatures at the MPSGS show at Strathmore Mansion. It sold for $500. I think I may have found my niche in the art world. I love painting portraits, painting copies of old masters, and now I have found I love painting miniatures.

I really enjoy painting these tiny portraits and have decided to paint all the presidents and a few of my favorite patriots. This is my next three portraits from top to bottom, John Adams, James Monroe, and James Madison. I have laid a Kodak color seperation guide beside them thinking I would use them later in a publication. On the left is a tiny photo of the president and on the right is my humble beginning. I don't trace. I start with a very pale sketch using the sight size method. I then scumble in a background, soften it with a mop type brush and then do the same with all the large mass areas. I do this also on the flesh in the dark areas and leave the light areas untouched, soften these areas and then leave the painting to dry up for a day or two before proceding.

This photo is at the end of the first painting day. Adams and Monroe are further along than Madison on this first day's work.

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