Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mr. Jefferson's Privy

History is everywhere in Virginia and my husband and I have a passion for American History. We visit a few historical sites each summer and last week we drove down to the Lynchburg area to see Poplar Forest. This was Thomas Jefferson's other home, the one he retreated to when he needed to detox and get away from the bustle of society. He actually moved his wife and family there when the British invaded and came looking for the "Traitor Jefferson" at Monticello. These two photos show you his privy. As you can see the man loved octagons. His house at Poplar Forest is also an octagon. I was told that the board seat in the privy is the very original that Mr. Jefferson placed his own bums on. This really made him more human than hero to me. Also, how adorable that he even had a childs potty installed. In later years, his granddaughters spent a lot of time with him at Poplar Forest. I hope you all have a rebelous 4th of July. Make some noise in memory of Mr. Jefferson and all the heros of our Revolution.

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