Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Old Age & Cramped Quarters

I awoke this morning with something dreadfully wrong with my knee...old age I suppose. So instead of taking my morning walk before breakfast, I headed for the studio to sit and hopefully finish up the small commission I am working on. This is a shot of my studio still in a mess. The portrait on the wall is one I abandoned a few years back of myself holding Picasso, my siamese. When we got Picasso, I had my husband attach two boards of soft wood onto my makeshift taboret (an old microwave cart). It is visible in the forground on the right. This has saved my furniture as well as my oak easel which is not in the photo. My studio has three windows which catch the southeast, south and southwest sunlight. Not too good for an artist. Although the studio is always too warm, which I like, I have to position my back to the window that is getting most of the light at that particular time of day. So I find myself rotating the easel, chair and taboret throughout the day. I will usually stand to paint when working on a large piece, such as Minerva. She is at the other end of the studio on my oak easel. I also have a computer and file cabinets, a desk, plus one entire wall with cabinets and shelves, not visible in the photo. A bit cramped, but works for me! Oh, and I have my CD Player Boom Box from the 80's as well as an I-pod for the must have loud rock and roll!!! Gets the blood pumping!

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