Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Virginia Museum of Fine Art

I got to see the Mummy exhibit at the Virginia Museum of Fine Art during the holidays and thoroughly enjoyed it. My husband and I share a love of Archeology and Ancient Egypt. I was most impressed with the decorations on the mummy case. They used natural pigments and the colors were still so rich and vibrant after all these thousands of years. There was a papyrus sheet of paper with hierogliphics and drawings on it in ink. The penmanship and decoration was phenominal, so exacting and precise. All these tiny little lines which looked to have been drawing with a mechanical implement, but were done with a steady hand. I really got excited when I saw a mummified cat wrapped in intricately folded linen strips which formed a beautiful geometric design. Then I read that the cats did not all die of natural causes, but were often killed by a blow to the head..........oh how that ruined my day.

OK. back to work now.....I have resumed work on Minerva and will blog about that later today.

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