Friday, May 11, 2012

Psyched for the Illustration Master Class

I have received the class schedule, along with the assignment choices for this year's Illustration Master Class in Amherst Massachusetts.  Wow, the choices for our in class illustration assignments is overwhelming.  They are so varied and so interesting, I can't decide which to tackle.  I am drawn to one in particular, but worry that I may have too much outside influence to actually be able to develop my own concept.  I grew up watching the 1930s and 40s movies about Tarzan, and even the later TV series.  I would really have to push beyond what I know on the subject to get a new and never seen before concept.  There are also two juicy Sci Fi stories we can choose to illustrate and I am dieing to cut my teeth on a Sci Fi project.  Last year I chose to illustrate a childrens' book idea and although I was happy with what I produced, I felt like I took the easy path and chickened out on the Sci Fi challenge.  If I pick Tarzan, I fear I may come home feeling like a whimp once again. 

I am sooooooo excited about this journey, I have already saved up the gas and toll road money from my tips at the barista job.  I even drug the suitcase up from the basement.   I am pumped!!!!!


  1. Look forward to meeting you, Linda. I can pose for Tarzan for you. I'd better start doing sit-ups NOW!

  2. You are hired! No need to do sit-ups, I am great at artistic license. Just ask my husband, my favorite free model. Oh and I have been pouring over my "Color and Light" book. You will see big improvement in my work this year.