Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Day Two, New Painting

I actually have cheated a bit....Instead of one new piece, I started two using the same model, but in two different poses.  One is for the Gods & Goddesses show, gonna be a big one!  And the other is gonna be for my Sci Fi Illustration portfolio, 18 x 24.  The drawing yesterday still looks good to me this morning.  Hurray, that almost never happens.  The large canvas I stretched is for the Goddess.  Her drawing will be done directly onto the canvas.  The goal today, get my studio set up to begin the painting on canvas, and get the drawing onto the canvas. We are constructing a closet in that room and things are a mess, tools everywhere and not much space for me to work.  I may have to set up the easel in my living room, aaakkk! Gotta run, husband needs breakfast and a lunchbox packed.

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