Sunday, January 6, 2013

No Picture Today

OK, 2013 is not looking so good.......I can't get my computer to upload some photos of pet portraits I did just before Christmas.  When I get it worked out, I will post the two best that I did this year.  Did not post them before, as the clients were giving them as gifts and I did not want to chance spoiling the surprise.  Also, I seem to have that stomach bug that is going around.  First my husband was sick, now me. DRAT!
I was supposed to work in the Leesburg studio today.  Instead, I will just stay on the sofa and look at my drawing of Dianna that is now on the linen canvas I stretched.   I added her two Dobermans and I am loving it.  Lets hope I don't spoil this one.  I have set up my studio in my living room until the renovations in my studio are completed.  We are adding a closet in that room and it is a mess.  It's also too dangerous for my precious linen.  I can just see in my mind, my husband putting a 2 x 4 right through the center of Dianna.  Nope, not gonna chance it........I love this guy, but he is definitely a bull in a china shop!

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