Sunday, July 28, 2013

Racoon Raiders

I have always lived in rural areas, see the deer daily, a bear once in a while and also a fair amount of turkeys, racoons and opposums.  But, I have never had a problem with any wildlife until now.  We are loosing lots of sleep these days, because of Racoons raiding our feeders....seed and hummingbird syrup feeders.  OK, I can handle that, they have to eat also.  But, our cats are absolutely unwilling to share their new home and so fights ensue and things are knocked over and cats are shreiking.  I ran to the door this morning at 2 am to flash a light and was just in time to hear a racoon giggle at me as he ran off.  NO KIDDING, he made a giggling sound as he ran off.  The cats were not impressed!!!!!  But I am!!!!

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