Sunday, September 29, 2013

Ender's Game the Movie

Well it's about time!  Hollywood has finally made my all time favorite book into a movie.  GEEEZZ, I read this book in the 80's!  I don't read often, I am cursed with being a slow reader, but when I do read, I don't put the book down until my pets have all starved to death and my husband has taken in a maid so he can have clean underware.  No Kidding, just ask him and my son.  So, I saw the trailers on tv the other night and now I am going to somehow, get invited to the premiere.  I actually attended a premiere in DC (also in the 80's) for a little known movie called "Black Robe".   There is a good reason this is a little known movie.  I had heard rumors and saw bookcover art, but like everything else going on out there, I was last to hear this.  I am so excited!!!!!!!  This is as big as Star Wars, for me!!!!

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