Friday, June 27, 2014

Another Kind of Painting

I am recovering today from another kind of painting.  In days of yore, I supplemented my income by painting murals and doing faux finishing.  I have always painted my own home and have never hired anyone to do it for me.  Those days are over!  I ache all over today and my thighs and calves are screaming "You Idiot, we can't do all that ladder climbing anymore".  They are sooooo right.  I will get help in the future.  But, the interesting thing here is.......color is color.  I  really enjoy matching a color to another.  I love trying to mix a color that matches some color used elsewhere.  I did not want to paint the entire room, just two walls that had some damage.  The paint on the walls is from 2006 and there were no paint cans hiding anyplace to tell me what color or brand they had used.  So, I got out my trusty Sherwin Williams paint fan, from the old mural days and even though the paint fan dates to 2001, I was able to come up with a darn good match.  When I got down to the store, the clerk and I pulled out some current paint chips and I chose one that was slightly lighter and greyer than my paint fan.  Took it home and darn if it was not a perfect match.  I repainted the damaged walls and you can't tell my paint is newer than what was originally on the walls.  For me, Color Matching is like doing jig saw puzzles, but I just don't have the picture on the box to go by.

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