Monday, June 16, 2014

Did I Mention - I Hate Green

Everyone has a favorite color.  Everyone has a color they hate.  Guess my least favorite color to try and work with.  YUP, Green.  I buy green in tubes and when I squeeze them out, I think to myself, no way this looks natural.  But, if I mix a green myself using anything but green, I find it actually grows on me after a bit.  The two bottom leaves (blobs at this point) are out of the tube green.  The two above were made using Cobalt Blue, Yellow Ochre and some Cadmium Scarlet.  OH and a bit of white to lighten in spots.  If I force myself to continue and ignore the color, looking for light and shadow, I finally get to a point where I just may be happy with what I have painted.  What's your nemesis color?

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