Monday, March 9, 2015

Shadow Colors

Because of my current family crisis, I spent today pre posting some stuff for the blog for the times I will not be able to paint.  I will release these postings from time to time until I can get back on schedule and back in the studio.
This close-up is to illustrate how shadows can be either cool or warm in tone.  Most of the time the following will hold true....Warm light source, cool shadows or Cool light source, warm shadows.  Every rule can be broken if handled correctly.  Around this eye you see cool shadows because my light source was a warm incandescent light.  But, my reference photo revealed to me a very warm color shadow in the crease of the eye starting in the shadow and moving into the light.  There is a very warm shadow in the nostrils also.  Same for the ear canal. Remember, Trust Your Eyes, paint what you see.

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