Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Importance of Standing

Worked on the portrait most of yesterday.  I sit most of the time these days, spinal stenosis and concrete floors do not a happy artist, make.  So when I was finished for the day, I walked over to turn off the music and when I turned around, I could not believe my eyes and what I had done today.  Nothing looked correct from across the room.  So, I walked back over to the canvas and promptly removed what I had done today. 
The important lesson here is, If you are sitting right on top of your work, you can not possibly get a good overall view of the work.  Your perspective will be skewed and shapes will become incorrect.  Throughout most of the day, if you are sitting, you must get up and step back from the art, getting a new perspective.  This will make a big difference in the work you are doing. 
I am going to head into town today, over to the Hardware store, and pick up some of those rubber fatigue matt squares and cover a large portion of my concrete studio floor with them so that I can stand at the easel and back up from the easel, without making my lower back and legs ache.  Finally, Shame on Me, I should know better.

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