Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gingerbread House

Can you believe this is my very first gingerbread house?
I stopped in to see my good friend Jeanne on her birthday and to drop off a small present and after a while she informed me that my Christmas present was a gingerbread house, but I had to make it myself. Jeanne makes gingerbread houses each Christmas with her two little granddaughters. I had told her that I had never made any in my lifetime and felt very deprived. So she prebaked the gingerbread and assembled the walls and roof. On her kitchen counter were the icing and decoration pieces, little candies of all types and the essential butter knife. After a few short hours of serious artistic endeavor and much laughter and coffee breaks.....TA DAAAA, my very first gingerbread house. The big joke that day was that my house was handicap accessible, complete with handrails at the front door. I am pushing on inspite of the infirmities of old age.
I already had a glass garden cloche which I washed up to cover and protect my totally edible sculpture from the five cats we own. Oh and the boxer, Molly who is in the photo background eating her dinner.
The little golden book, "The Little Red Hen" was also part of my Christmas gift and is a private joke between us gals.

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