Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Medusa Begins

OK, I know this is hard to see, but here we go anyway.

Dear Sweet Jennifer, the model for Venus, has agreed to be Medusa also. That is a real stretch for her and you can see by my layout drawing that she does not look very mean. In all of the reference photos I took of her, not one of them has a contorted enough expression to suit my taste or concept of this next painting. I think I will call her back into the studio and work on getting the expression more surprised and mean looking. Now that I am looking at it on the computer, I am thinking I want the raised hand in a different gesture. I also noticed that the lowered arm is a bit awkward and could use some attention.

Speaking of attention, I am such an ADD HD personality and hate to waste a minute, always wanting to rush right into the details. In the past, I have usually done this first step on the canvas in the form of a grisaille. The next day what was put on the day before is usually dry and I am stuck with the drawing even if I want to change direction or concept. I am doing more work on paper ahead of time these days. Its another step, but eliminates a lot of changes down the road, if I think things out on paper first.

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