Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Return to Still Life

When I first started seriously learning to paint in the late 1990s, I painted still life. The objects did not move on me and my kitchen was filled with subject matter. As my confidence grew, I branched out into animals, but from photos. Again, I needed my subjects to stay still for long periods of time. I bought books at every opportunity and copied from them to educate myself. From time to time I tried my hand at landscapes. I found that although I like landscape art, I don't like bugs and wind and the constant change of the sunlight. But I continued landscape painting, by visiting the site, snapping lot of pictures and making a few sketchs and color studies. All from the comfort of the car or a shady spot to sit. I progressed to painting portraits, my first true love. What a challenge, to not only create a beautiful painting, but to also get a likeness. I now find that when doing a portrait, I am really excited about the objects in the painting along with the person. HMMMMM Still Life? It appears my art education has come full circle.

I am currently working on a series of still life paintings in a simple format, with dark backgrounds and a common element in each. This is the latest in the group of grape paintings with the kitchen hand towel. I have five completed and hope to do another five this summer.

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