Saturday, April 30, 2011

Medusa Changes Already

No pictures today, but will take one later of the revisions I have already decided to make to Medusa. I allowed my husband to see the original drawing and told him I was thinking of changing the expression in her face. He agreed that she was not mean or surprised enough looking. We also agreed that the upraised hand was too relaxed and needed more tension, maybe even a different position. I had Jennifer come back into the studio for a few more poses and photos. I think she is very good at getting the expression or poses I am searching for and we now have a winner. I laid tracing paper over my original drawing and changed the face and hand only on the tracing paper. Today I will place transfer paper under the drawing and get the parts I still like onto the canvas and then do the same with the revisions. Tomorrow I will post a photo of the revised Medusa.

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