Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Opportunity Knocks

All artists constantly hear this phrase....."You should paint _____." We grow tired of this phrase from well meaning friends and family members,(my husband all the time), because as artists we want to paint or draw what we find inspiring or interesting. And so for all those years that my husband and his friends were doing living history, I was not interested and turned my nose up at doing historical art. Then when I did become interested in this genre, my husband and his friends had long since given up the pasttime, gotten rid of most of their costumes and lost their contacts. And so, I had no reference material for a few ideas which were percolating in my brain.

Well, on Sunday opportunity knocked. There was a rededication of a civil war monument in our little town and these wonderful reenactors were gracious enough to pose for my camera. This is just one shot of hundreds that I took on Sunday. As the wife of a former reenactor, I know the extreme cost of putting together an authentic impression like this. These fellows are authentic right down to their beards. Have you ever seen such a thick black lustrous beard? Can you imagine your son

going off to war at the age of this young man? Many did! Thank You General Lee and friends!

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