Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Earthquake Hits Marshall and Warrenton Area

I experienced my first ever earthquake yesterday and hope I don't have to do it ever again. I was in the studio working at the computer when everything started to shake and a deafening rumble that kept building started. My portable house telephone started jumping across the table next to me and my art supplies danced about on the shelves. I actually thought a helicopter or plane was crash landing into our house. I picked up the phone and ran to the central hallway.... we do have the occasional tornado here and that is what we do. Find safety in a doorway away from glass. I could see the livingroom ceiling fan swinging wildly around and thats when I realized it was an earthquake and I bolted for the outdoors, telephone and kitten in hand. I was terrified and can't imagine how my friends in California deal with the quakes they experience. My fellow miniatures artist, Elinor, sent me an e-mail to see if we were ok out here. You should all check out her website Elinor knows about earthquakes. Thanks Elinor.

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