Thursday, August 18, 2011

One More Mouth To Feed

Ok, this is not art related, but this little racoon will make a great miniature painting when my time frees up to start something new. Right now I have three projects going and new ideas daily.

The racoon is a very young one and showed up this weekend when my son came out for a visit with the old folks. He is definitely of my DNA. We both love all animals, art, Sci Fi and his father's world famous hamburgers.

My son called me the next day and just before he hung up he said, Don't forget to feed my new buddy. And so here he is, eating with one of our 5 cats. This grey cat was once feral and became a real gumby once we tamed him down. There is another feral cat hanging around and he has a date with the SPCA next week for neutering and shots, then we will release him. I wonder, How many cats before you become officially a crazy cat lady?

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